• Level-set on integration communication best practices
  • Understand integration communication approaches and progress-to-date
  • Define Charter and Operating Model for Communications Team
  • Define a set of integration communication Guiding Principles
  • Discuss major audience segments
  • Discuss immediate communication needs
  • Identify next steps


  • Welcome
  • Objectives
  • Pritchett
  • Overview of approach
  • Merger communications perspective
  • Communications Progress-to-Date
  • Communication Team Charter Definition
  • Define Guiding Principles
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Key Communication Priorities
  • Next Steps

A Reminder: The Merger Challenge

  • Three new, predictable dynamics at work

    • Increased uncertainty and ambiguity
    • Drop in trust level
    • Self-preservation dominates

PRITCHETT Point Of View:
Common Communication Mistakes

  • Playing ‘Carnac the Magnificent’
  • Sugar coating the truth
  • Forgetting the “Me”
  • Holding back the compliments
  • Ignoring staggered experiences

(i.e., knowing all the answers about everything – even the future)

  • Things change too fast to make any promises at this point
  • Better to position communications as “what we know now” with caveats
  • The one thing you can promise is “change”
  • Sometimes better to listen than struggle to provide answers

Phrases to Live By

“Our current thinking on that is this, but of course that could change at any time”

“We are going to need a lot of people to help us figure that one out – as you can imagine there are a few alternatives each with its own set of unique challenges”

“Unfortunately, we have many more questions than answers at this point. What I can do is tell you that when we know the path we are going to take we will communicate it with you”


  • Division GM and IMO Lead communicate with subsidiary CEO
  • Division GM and IMO meet with subsidiary Executive Team about Integration process and timeline
  • Division GM and IMO lead plan Employee Day 1 events and coordinate Functional leads
  • Draft Supplier and Customer communications

Day 1 

  • Welcoming letter goes out from CEO and Division GM to all subsidiary employees
  • Talking Points for Day 1 event
  • IMO shares high-level integration plan with subsidiary employees
  • Division GM initiates communication of new management structure and reporting relationships

Day 15 ...

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