Post-Merger Integration Guide

Where Are We Going?

High-level integration planning defines the future state (approximately 6 weeks)

  • Defines the strategic direction for key parts of the business
  • Paints a picture of the future state in each functional/business area

How Do We Get There?

Detailed integration planning defines the transition (approximately 6 to 8 weeks)

  • Dictates detailed steps and timing for the many initiatives required to drive the transition
  • Prepares plans to be “handed off” to eventual organization owners1 for implementation and includes enough detail to support budgeting.


Execution and Integration Expertise

  • Provide tools and lend experience to optimize planning and follow-through in the merger environment
  • Assist in framing strategic issues and making solid decisions or deciding a course of action
  • Help identify risks based on experience in similar situations
  • Translate results of discussions into usable output and action


  • Provide structure for the day
  • Guide discussion toward conclusions
  • Act as the conscience for the agenda
  • Maintain balanced participation

Merger Risks

  • Preserving/Enhancing the overall customer experience

    • Regulatory, Ops, rules, functionality, physical moves, etc.
  • Maintaining growth

    • Ability to develop new products, strategies, opportunities
  • Execution

    • Managing scope, cross-functional decision making, resource planning, etc.
    • Prioritization and trade-offs
  • Addressing people issues

    • Retention, transition, staffing, severance
    • Realizing headcount synergies
  • Timing of decommissioning of website
  • Issue-Free Day 1

    • Anticipating issues

Detailed Planning Deliverables

  • Detailed Planning Template
  • Recap of Recommendations with descriptions of status by phase (PreClose, Day 1, Integration Complete)
  • Project list/summary and major steps
  • Includes resource requirements
  • Includes dependencies and linkages
  • Key Ingredients for Success
  • Risk Assessment (Customer, Deal Value, Business)
  • Includes probability/impact and mitigating actions
  • Communications Plan
  • Remaining Outstanding Issues/Decisions Required
  • Project Plan (or plans)
  • Updated Synergy Template ...

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