Sample Questionnaire for Mergers & Acquisitions

Results from 14 M&A survey questions that were asked to serial acquirers who attended the Merger Integration Certification Workshop.

A few of the questions:

  • In retrospect, should your company have managed your last integration faster or slower? 
  • Is the compensation scheme of integration team members linked to M&A integration goals? 
  • Which one of these tasks is most difficult for  your company to achieve when managing an M&A integration? 
  • In which functional area do you see the biggest  need for improvement in terms of integration skills/capabilities given the focus of your merger activity? 
  • Does your company perform any sort of cultural assessment in the process of acquiring/merging  other companies? 
  • Is the compensation scheme of integration team members linked to integration goals?
  • In your company, who receives M&A communications-related orientation/training?
  • Does your company successfully communicate integration objectives to employees prior to close? And during the first 100 days after close?

Download the free PowerPoint presentation to see all the questions and responses.

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