Meeting Objectives

Review and agree on the:

  • Role of the Integration Steering Committee
  • Role of the Integration Manager
  • Integration Team Structure
  • Integration Value Drivers Integration
  • Guiding Principles
  • Non-Negotiables
  • Integration Approach
  • Program Management
  • Detailed Integration Planning Deliverables

Role of Integration Steering Committee

  • Coordinate the overall integration approach with deal milestones and regulatory approvals
  • Define and communicate integration objectives, parameters, and strategy
  • Articulate guiding principles for integration
  • Monitor progress of integration planning and implementation and report progress to the board
  • Approve recommendations from planning teams
  • Anticipate, assess and manage risks
  • Remove roadblocks, make decisions and resolve issues
  • Coordinate communications among various teams

Role of Integration Manager

  • Define the overall planning structure and clarify scope to eliminate duplication of effort and ensure all critical integration issues are addressed
  • Define the process and timeline for global integration planning
  • Provide simple tools and template to facilitate planning efficiency and communication across the organization
  • Schedule and host regular Global Integration Steering Team meetings and cross-team plan reviews
  • Identify and frame critical open issues for decision making by the Global Integration Steering Team (serve as point for escalation)
  • Facilitate cross-team and cross-geography communication
  • Summarize integration objectives/goals and provide executive tools to manage overall implementation

Integration Approach

  • Leverage the work done to date
  • Provide simple structure, tools and templates but allow for flexibility in planning approach
  • Sequence conversations to allow for global direction but local implementation
  • Clearly charter teams to eliminate duplicate efforts and overlap (but provide forums for Cross-Team/Cross-Function information sharing) ...

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