Limits of Authority
Reporting Process
Purchase Price Accounting
Internal Audit
External Audit


  • Update FY25 budget to exclude  divested entities
  • To obtain Acquired Co. FY25 budget for incorporating into NewCo budget - communicate with Acquired Co. entities/agree on deliverable format 
  • To discuss/align on deliverables -  Budgets in systems
  • Prepare NewCo budget - high level P&L for Day 30
  • Prepare NewCo budget - detailed level P&L, BS and CF for Day 60
  • Make adjustments for synergies / disynergies.
  • Work with Acquired Co. Finance / Internal Consulting Team to determine new annual budget and forecast process for NewCo, (following the initial (1st 6 month budget above), ensuring requirements for both shareholders met while minimizing duplication of work at NewCo level
  • Plan out a mutually amenable timetable for yearly budget and forecasting cycle and process.
  • Acquired Co. to decide on which level of detail the forecast  is needed
  • Preparing data entry into system 
  • Provide Training about tasks in forecasting process
  • Provide data for the forecast
  • Budget 2026: training and integration into Acquired Co. budgeting process (Sales, P&L, Working Capital, Personnel)
  • Budget 2026: training and integration into Acquired Co. budgeting process (Investment Budget)
  • Acquired Co. to provide overview on budget rates 2026
  • Providing data for budget
  • Strategic long-term planning (further steps to be aligned --> to be updated at later point in time)


  • Obtain and review current insurance coverage.
  • Discuss and align insurance policies looking for opportunities for better premium/coverage.
  • New insurance policy/coverage ...

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