About Us

Some 38 years ago—way back in 1979—PRITCHETT, LP started to focus on a novel, unexplored field: M&A Integration. Hard to imagine, but back then this was a brand new practice area for consulting. PRITCHETT was the pioneer, the very first outfit in the U.S. to specialize in this key aspect of M&A.

At that time, zero books had been written about the merger integration process.

A few scattered articles in business journals made brief reference to the challenges inherent in consolidating companies, but basically it was uncharted territory. There were no ground rules. No map to help managers navigate the treacherous terrain. Nobody had spelled out what to expect or how to handle the unique project management issues and cultural dynamics that are generic to mergers.

So we staked out this sector of M&A as our niche. Now, for almost four decades the integration process has been PRITCHETT's strike zone. And we have populated our web site with an array of playbooks, tools, videos, checklists, assessments, presentations, and deliverables from our M&A integration consulting projects (on deals valued in total in excess of $350 billion).

Our web site also features our flexible, scalable 11-step methodology that thousands of acquirers have used successfully all over the world. Click below for additional information (i.e. articles, tools, presentations, etc.) on any step.