Step 9: Develop Project M&A Integration Plans

An M&A project integration plan is a document (or set of documents) outlining exactly how and when major resources, assets, processes, and commitments of the acquiring and acquired companies will be combined in order to achieve the strategic goals of the deal. 

Acquirers should follow a proven M&A integration planning methodology (playbook) to define the integration steps and activities so that people in both organizations can see the work ahead as logical and achievable.  The clarity from a carefully crafted M&A integration plan helps align expectations and replace employee skepticism with optimism.

In this section of our web site, we provide several merger integration playbooks of successful acquirers. These Word and Excel documents can be easily downloaded and customized for your acquisitions.

We also offer PowerPoint presentations that cover a wide range of topics such as M&A integration team kickoff meetings, Day 1 preparation, detailed planning deliverables and their timing, and examples of functional team plans.

Plus, our eMerger software is packed with more than 80 post merger integration planning tools, templates, checklists, matrices, and examples of task force planning deliverables. 

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Post Merger Integration
The Post-Merger Integration Plan—Combining Resources, Assets, and Processes
Quick-wins help soften resistance and build momentum.
Big guys buys small fries
When Big Guys Buy Small Fries
Top ten key considerations.


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M&A Playbooks

M&A Integration Playbook - $8 Billion Acquisition

Merger Integration Playbook - $900 Million Acquisition

Acquisition Integration Playbook - $100 Million Acquisition

Accounting and Finance Merger Integration Playbook

Sales and Marketing M&A Integration Playbook

M&A Integration Playbook - $10 Million Acquisition


eMerger Software for M&A Integration
eMerger: Software for M&A Integration Planning and Communication
Proven, easy-to-use online reference tool for merger planning and communications.



Example of Kick Off agenda
Example of a Kickoff Agenda for the Integration Team
This example covers the key agenda items that should be covered during the first integration team meeting.
High Level M&A Plan
High Level M&A Plan Review Meeting: Questions, Open Issues, and Action Items
The 1-page Word template is used document additional questions, issues, or action items requiring follow up after a planning meeting.
Identify Integration Priority
How to Identify Integration Priority Initiatives and Priority Initiatives Word Template
A Task Force may feel overwhelmed by the large number of identified initiatives. To assist a team on  how to prioritize activities, we provide the criteria to evaluate projects and the Priority Initiatives Template.
Identify Integration Priority
Integration Access Tracking Template
Keeps record of who has access to each functional teams folders.


Tighten up the integration time frame
Tighten up the Integration Time Frame
Reveals the most common complaint of employees in the typical merger.