Overview of Integration Process
Integration Opportunities
Integration Risks
Key Duplications
Cost Reduction Objectives
Deliverables by Functional Team
General Overview and Key Questions
Business Structure
Synergy Plan
Integration Team Roles
Team Meeting Schedule
Admin Team Meeting Schedule
Project Tracking and Reporting
Administration Deliverables
Communication Deliverables
Engineering Deliverables
IT Deliverables
Manufacturing Deliverables 
Customer Support Deliverables
Purchasing Deliverables
Sales & Marketing Deliverables
Breakout Session Guidelines

Integration Opportunities

  • The scope of this effort extends well beyond simply integrating our companies
  • We can reengineer the combined company to deliver:
  • Better parts, service, and sales support
  • A robust, market-driven, product development program
  • The highest quality, most reliable equipment with a cost structure that is leaner than the competition
  • The best talent base in the industry
  • The integration of our companies provides a vehicle to assess all our brands’ infrastructure and cost elements
  • Through a combination of vigorous and creative restructuring, we have the opportunity to leave the competition in the dust
  • The key to success lies in:
  • Selecting the best integration leadership
  • Restructuring that is bold, quickly implemented, and that produces order of magnitude improvements in the combined company’s costs
  • Selecting the best talent.

Integration Risks

  • Going too slowly
  • Losing focus on the core business
  • Competition taking advantage of the distractions
  • Loss of talent
  • Customers waiting instead of buying
  • Change fatigue in workforce
  • Poor execution
  • Wasting this opportunity to strengthen our company and our culture
  • Settling for only achieving the promised synergies when there’s an opportunity to do more ...

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