Plan Basics

For the communication plan to be successful:

  • Multiple channels of communication should be used in order to reach the highest number of people
  • A single point of “editorial control” will enhance the quality and consistency of communicated messages:  VP of HR is the designated final approver before distribution of employee communications to Acquiree
  • The individuals designated as distribution point contacts have the processes in place as well as the availability necessary to quickly disseminate information to their stakeholder groups
  • Dates have not been finalized. As the plans surrounding the acquisition evolve, the dates suggested in the timeline and communication plan will need to be updated
  • Since the communication plan provides a structure for executing communications rapidly, it can be finalized and shared in advance of deal announcement; specific message content will depend on the outcome of deal negotiations which are still ongoing
  • Resources within the Information Systems group will be available to support information postings to the intranet, global email/video distribution and establishment of an email box supporting two-way communications
  • Video production will be provided by an outside vendor
  • Majority of stakeholders are English-speaking; translations, where necessary, will be coordinated by the regional offices

Initial Checklist Actions

Establish global communication team

     - Team member name and  contact list

        (remember to include new owners)

     - Writers

     - Presenters

     - Video crew

     - People to distribute press release, memos,

        videos, letters to customers/suppliers

     - Media contacts

     - Schedulers for employee meetings

     - People to post communications on

        notice boards/ intranets

Notify global communication team members of roles and responsibilities

Notify executives of communication roles and responsibilities

Press Release

     - Prepare draft

     - Get draft approved

     - Establish release date,  time, distribution list,  order of distribution  (take different times zones into account)

     - distribute

     - post on intranet sites

     - post on notice boards ...

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