Weekly Post Merger Integration Management Process


  • Add speed and efficiency to integration planning
  • Ensure that we make the most of all meetings and interactions
  • Proactively manage the identification and escalation of issues and decisions
  • Set the pace for M&A integration planning

IMO Team Meeting (Weekly)


  • Review and discuss overall progress
  • Address key questions and/or make decisions to further progress
  • Identify topics for additional focus/analysis
  • Decide next steps

Functional Team Meeting (Weekly)

  • Provide update from IMO (10 minutes)
  • Provide updates from teams -  IT, Ops, Marketing, Communication, OD/HR, Finance/Accounting, Legal, Corporate Development, Day 1, Synergy, Real Estate (30 minutes)
  • Identify issues/decisions for SC (30 minutes)
  • Address cross-cutting issues (30 minutes)
  • Wrap-up and next steps (20 minutes)...

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