Team Exercises

  1. Value Drivers
  2. Integration Complete
  3. Early Wins Exercise
  4. Team Planning Breakout
  5. Client Support

Exercise 1: Value Drivers


  • Break out into groups by function
  • Spend a few moments reviewing the integration priorities for your function and the value drivers for the deal
  • As a group, discuss and record input regarding the following questions:

    • Is the emerging direction logical? What are key barriers and/or enablers of success?
    • What is our function’s’ role in helping achieve each value driver?
    • What actions can we take to put our people in the best position to execute the integration seamlessly and efficiently?
  • Pick a spokesperson and prepare to debrief

Exercise 2: Integration Complete


  • Define the 5 to 10 key items that will define the finish line for integration


  • Items should complete the sentence, “We can consider the integration finished when...”
  • Items should be as clearly measurable as possible and leave little room for interpretation (e.g., “when we are operating seamlessly” is not a good example of integration complete).

Exercise 2: Integration Complete Example

Integration will be complete when we have …

  • Transitioned our back office financial systems from two platforms to a single, live SAP platform
  • Rationalized all sales offices in overlapping regions and terminated ties to legacy real estate
  • Defined, communicated, and implemented the new organizational structure such that everyone understands their new reporting relationship and role
  • Transitioned all product manufacturing to one of our two “centers of excellence” and closed all legacy sites
  • Standardized on a single sales operation platform such that all customer data for the combined customer base is accessible to all sales support reps ...

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