Day 0 IT Help Desk Support

  • Ticketing system review- Scheduled for end of quarter
  • Computer hardware review
  • Team integration plan

Day 1

  • End user communications will be sent to all employees.
  • Incoming call & ticket support will stay “as is” on day 1.
  • Both Help Desk teams know who to contact if users request access to resources. i.e. Acquirer employee needs access to Acquired Co. folder.
  • Acquirer’s Intranet site will have a “cube” with the Acquired Co. support phone number and when clicked, it will email the Acquired Co. Help Desk.

Day 30

  • Computer Hardware standards and vendor will be decided.
  • Helpdesk Application - Decision between Acquirer’s system, Footprints (Acquired Co.), or other.
  • Remote Support Tool -  Decision between Acquirer’s system, GoToAssist (Acquired Co.), or other.

Day 60

  • Phone Support Integration - All Customer Support technicians will integrate to one phone system and can be reached by calling one number.
  • Computer deployment standard and computer inventory for each location in place
  • Access Requests - Requests for new access procedures will be in place and followed by all staff.
  • Hardware Requests ...

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