Integration Management Office (IMO) Kickoff Agenda

Understand how we will work together:

  • Review rules of engagement to ensure pre-close compliance with HSR guidelines
  • Review our M&A integration process, structure, roles, and responsibilities
  • Build a solid foundation for ongoing teaming and collaboration …

Begin collaborating to enhance and evolve work in progress:

  • Review Day 1 messaging and key elements of the communication plan
  • Discuss & prioritize Day 1 and First 30 day initiatives and priorities
  • Align around the work stream objectives outlined in the team charter drafts

Begin integration work plan development:

  • Review next steps and timing for collaboration & work plan development

IMO Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Architect and manage the master integration timeline, all related activities, planning & execution deliverables
  • Assist with development of the integration plans for each work stream team
  • Provide tools & templates to help manage the work
  • Establish reporting framework for effective week-to-week management
  • Addresses cross-team dependencies and opportunities
  • Identify and escalate issues and risks 
  • Support stakeholder communication planning & execution
  • Secure auxiliary resources where needed

Steering Committee Responsibilities

Executive Steering Committee (ESC) & Heads:

  • Provide strategic direction & integration priorities
  • Resolve major escalated issues
  • Ensure appropriate resources are provided
  • Confirms planning assumptions and expedites decision needs
  • Provide guidance on master integration timeline, activities & deliverables
  • Drive stakeholder communication planning key messages and execution
  • Prioritizes strategic value-capture priorities and synergy initiatives

Team Leads:

  • Lead all integration planning and execution activities for functional area
  • Manage all assigned initiatives
  • Keep integration plans updated
  • Develop, track, and manage workplan progress and issues
  • Ensure completion and adherence to the scope identified for area(s)
  • Partner with counterpart to manage workflow
  • Establish any sub-teams required for workstream completion
  • Work with other team leads to determine interdependencies
  • Adhere to pre-close rules of engagement

Data Harvesting

What is Data Harvesting?

  • The process of requesting/sharing data necessary to inform work plan development
  • All requests must adhere to a defined process as established by legal…no exceptions

Acquirer and Acquired Co. Legal teams determine if the data requested is:

  • Non-Sensitive: OK for integration team to review
  • Sensitive: gives a business a competitive advantage or influence…can’t be shared until close

Data will be managed in a secure Virtual Data Room (VDR)

  • Folder for each team (e.g. IT, Finance) with controlled access
  • Folders for holding sensitive data (called Clean Team and Legal Only)

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