Areas of Focus

  • Review for contract synergies
  • Plan for back-office standardization
  • Communication
  • Email connectivity
  • Network connectivity
  • Voice mail connectivity
  • Video conferencing
  • Support action & implementation plans of other transition teams
  • Internet/Intranet migration plan
  • Retention of talent 

Synergy Review

Objective: Conduct a budget review looking for potential organizational and expenditure reductions. This would include contract review, data center rationalization, etc.

Completion - America’s 8/15 and EMEA 9/15

Back-Office Standardization

Future Standards: Acquirer and Acquiree have similar homogenous back office and client tool sets. Plan establishes common operating system, and client and back office software versions.

Communication Plan

For all major IT projects and/or resource requests we ask that our business partners communicate their project requests via Project Initiation/Requirements Document.

These IT requests will be prioritized by a team of leaders selected from the transitional team. Prioritization will occur across NewCo and not at the individual business unit.

The weekly reports and the scorecard will communicate the IT team’s project status.

IT employee communication plans will be developed as the transition plan progresses...

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