1 IT Corporate Functions - Finance Interface Target Finance to SAP – Day 1 4/8/2025
2 IT IT Integration Program IT Policy and Guidelines 4/30/2025
3 HR Compensation Plan for mid-transition hires, promotions 4/1/2025
4 HR Compensation Communicating changes to salary grade and/or pay adjustments 4/1/2025
5 HR Compensation Exec Comp: SC compensation changes in System 5/21/2025
6 HR Compensation All pay changes effective April in System 4/1/2025
7 HR LTIP Determine impact of Target execs moving to Acquirer Stock Ownership Guidelines 5/1/2025
8 HR Health & RX Evaluate options for converting Target retirees into Acquirer Plan 4/1/2025
9 HR Flex Determine impact on Acquirer DCAP FSA plan election, if any, if full Target FSA balance was elected under Target plan 4/15/2025
10 HR COBRA Notify COBRA participants transitioning to Acquirer COBRA 5/1/2025
11 HR Life Convert Target retirees into Acquirer Plan 5/31/2025
12 HR H S A Notify Target vendor of contract termination effective 5/31/2025
13 HR H S A Send YTD HSA deferrals to payroll for limits 5/31/2025
14 HR L T D Discuss LTD transition process for Target employees on STD prior to September who will need to move to Target LTD carrier 5/31/2025
15 HR 401k Establish loan repayments provisions with Acquirer payroll 5/31/2025
16 HR 401k Establish process with Vanguard to continue repayments on Target plan loans 5/31/2025
17 HR 401k Amend Target trust agreement as needed to reflect transition changes 5/31/2025
18 HR 401k Send YTD 401k deferrals to payroll for limits (see data conversion tab) 5/31/2025
19 HR 401k Confirm responsibility for non-discrimination testing of Target Plan - is a mid year test performed? 4/15/2025
20 HR Pension Confirm responsibility for Target Plan audit/5500 filing 4/15/2025
21 HR LOA Determine treatment of employees on leave at conversion to Acquirer systems 4/30/2025
22 HR Com Day 2 Open Enrollment Materials for Salaried 5/15/2025
23 HR Com Day 2 Open Enrollment Materials for Hourly 5/15/2025
24 HR Com Day 2 Change Management Education for Open Enrollment 5/15/2025
25 HR Com Day 2 Communicate Incentive Plans 5/31/2025
26 HR Payroll Timekeeping Gather pay rules for production employees and set up in Profit 4/1/2025
27 HR Payroll Timekeeping Determine timing for Target Salaried Non-Exempt to enter exception time 4/1/2025
28 HR Payroll Timekeeping Deliver Profit T&L Training 5/1/2025
29 HR Payroll Timekeeping Identify and apply for state/unemployment #'s 4/1/2025
30 HR Payroll Timekeeping Determine if there are any Additional Pays that are unique to Target that need to be mapped over 4/1/2025

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