• Strategic Objectives
  • Value Drivers


  • Structure
  • Meetings

Breakout Teams

  • Integration Update
  • Workstream Breakout Guidelines
  • Breakout Groups
  • Breakout Instructions and Report Outs

Strategic Objectives

Significantly accelerate adoption of Acquired Co.’s technology through our combined commercial forces
Prioritize development of new products
Capitalize on strategic partnership opportunities.

Value Drivers


Acquired Co. is critical to progressing Acquirer’s strategy

  • Acquired Co. offerings are competitive, differentiated, and compelling to the market, and able to deliver against Acquirer’s documented needs
  • Product A functionality is extensible to third parties including Acquirer’s current and future products


Acquirer can employ channel leverage to drive top line growth

  • Accelerate adoption and revenue growth of Acquired Co. products by leveraging Acquirer’s commercial organization: existing Acquirer sales channels will sell Acquired Co. products from Day 1 and Acquirer’s marketing will develop and implement a commercialization plan
  • Drive pull-through revenue of Acquirer’s consumables and service by attaching Acquired Co.’s offerings to Acquirer’ own, providing holistic solutions to customers


Acquirer can develop and implement a successful integration strategy

  • Acquirer can identify and retain key Acquired Co. talent that are critical to the achievement of a successful execution
  • Acquired Co.’s manufacturing capability and capacity can successfully scale to meet increased demand
  • Acquired Co. R&D pipeline would be managed (product development directed) in order to address market and user needs known by Acquirer ...

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