1. How do people feel here about being merged/acquired?
  2. What would be your (or others’) major concerns about being acquired or merged?
  3. What are the defining characteristics of your company? (What’s distinctive? What differentiates you from other organizations in general? From the competition?)
  4. Describe the company’s core values. (What does it believe in?)
  5. What do outsiders not know/realize about this company?
  6. What are its idiosyncrasies? (What are the most peculiar
  7. What are the unwritten rules around here?
  8. What aspects of the culture are most important to people here? (What do they hold sacred?)
  9. Where in the organization do the dominant subcultures exist? • What are the company’s negative or undesirable cultural attributes? (What aspects of the culture need to change?) • What are the cultural strengths? (What aspects of the culture should be protected/ sustained?)
  10. Is the company getting stronger, weaker, or just holding steady? What trend lines do you see? (What do you feel?)
  11. What do you see as being key to the future success of this company?
  12. What are the biggest problems facing the company today?
  13. How does the organization need to change?
  14. Considering the culture of the acquirer/merger partner, what do you see as the most salient differences? (Where would the friction or flashpoints be?)
  15. In what ways do the two cultures seem to be a particularly good fit?