Post-Merger Integration Teams 


  1. What key talents/strengths must members of the post-merger team possess?
  2. What functions should be represented?
  3. Who should be involved in the selection process of the team members?
  4. Will special compensation or bonuses be given to the Integration Task Force members?
  5. How long will each of the team members be assigned to the project?
  6. Will this be a full-time commitment, or will they also be required to carry on their normal job responsibilities?
  7. What company knowledge and technical skills will be necessary to make the team effective?
  8. By what date should team selection be completed?
  9. How frequently should the teams meet?
  10. Who should be the leader of the integration management office? What qualifications and skills should this person possess?
  11. Will the teams have members from both companies?
  12. Will the teams have co-leaders or leaders from one company and deputies from the other?
  13. How often will the teams meet? When and where will they meet?
  14. What tools and templates will be provided to the teams?
  15. Has a data room been set up so the teams can access information that has been collected?


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