As a hiring manager, you may have participated in the interview process when hiring externally at ACQUIRER or TARGET. The staffing of NEWCO will be somewhat different from what you’ve experienced previously. You will be asked to interview ACQUIRER and TARGET employees to gain a better sense of their overall skill set and competencies. During this process you need to keep an open mind about where they might be fits within your division and the new company. This will be an emotional time for people who are being interviewed; therefore please be conscious of the fact that many of the candidates will be nervous since there is uncertainty about their future job status.

Unfortunately, there may not be a position in ACQUIRER for some of the candidates you interview. Let the candidate know that someone will get back to them as soon as a decision has been made. The interview process will move much faster than our typical external interview process. No job offers or eliminations will occur until after the merger has been completed.