Executive Summary
Synergy Opportunities
Integration Framework
Integration Process Goals
Integration Objectives
Integration Program Management
Governance Structure
Roles and Responsibilities
Phasing & Deliverables Overview
Phase 1 Deliverables
Phase 2 Deliverables
Phase 3 Deliverables
Objectives and Actions Required by Function
Information Technology
Human Resources
Research and Development
Key Deliverables by Business Unit
Deliverables – Business Unit 1
Deliverables – Business Unit 2
Deliverables – Business Unit 3
Deliverables – Business Unit 4
Deliverables – Business Unit 5, 6, & 7
Sign and Close Deliverables
Clean Room Management

Executive Summary


Review integration management process, governance structure and key deliverables

Key Milestones:

  • May 1– June 31: Pre-signing planning and communication
  • July 1: Signing and external communications
  • Pre-close: Develop pre-close plan – 2-month process
  • Post-close: Execute 100-day plan


  • Draft detailed execution plan by business and functional area
  • Establish ownership and accountability
  • Execute on synergy attainment objectives
  • Develop strategy that minimizes impact to customers, suppliers and employees

Integration Objectives

The following objectives will lead the integration process and guide deliverables and  expectations across the different work streams:

Communications: Effectively manage all internal and external messaging

Leadership Team: Identify the optimal team to lead the integration process

Retention Strategy: Develop a plan to retain key talent during the crucial transition period

Synergy Management: Establish a defined process to track and manage synergy capture

Employee Transition: Transition target company employees into NewCo

Seamless Transition: Minimize disruption to customers, suppliers and employees

Unified Culture: Create a cohesive and collaborative culture for the combined entity ...

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