• Approach
  • Acquired Co Employees Impacted In 3 Ways
  • Required Co Employee Selection and Placement
  • Engaging with Acquired Co Employees Pre-Close
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Selection Process for Functions Being Scaled Back
  • Step 1: Workforce Planning Results in Acquirer Talent Needs
  • Step 1: (Cont.) Workforce Planning Identifies Acquired Co Positions Being Affected
  • Step 2: Candidate Pooling Identifies the Talent to Be Assessed
  • Step 3: Selection Will Be Driven by Assessment of Experience and Performance
  • Step 4: Employees Not Selected Will Be Considered for In-Placement and Out -Placement    
  • Guidelines for Selection
  • Service Eligibility
  • In-Placement Services
  • Pre-Notification


  • If group is kept intact in same location approach is Retention focus (as needed)
  • If group is scaled back in same location approach is Performance-based assessment and selection process for functions scaled back
  • If group is scaled back in new location is Identification of willingness to relocate, Attraction of top talent and Performance-based assessment and selection process (as needed)
  • If group is kept intact in new location approach is Attraction of as much talent as possible to stay with Acquirer
  • If group is Shut down approach is Attraction of top talent to other jobs in Acquirer

Acquired Co. Employees Impacted in 3 Ways

Functional and site decisions

  1. Keep: Job Continues (approx. 80%)

    • Employees automatically transitioned
    • Begin on-boarding at close
  2. Scale back: Function/Site Reduced

    • Performance-based assessment and selection process for “affected” employees
  3. Close: Site Shut Down

    • In-placement/out-placement process

Step 1:  Workforce Planning Identifies Acquired Co. Positions Being “Affected”

An “affected” position is a job in which:

  • The number of current positions is reduced
  • The position is moved to a new location
  • The position changes more than 20% (degree of job change “ determined using a number of criteria, including an externally conducted job evaluation, if necessary.)
  • The position is eliminated altogether

Only incumbents in “affected” positions will undergo the selection process

  • If a position is not “affected”, the employee will be automatically transitioned to Acquirer
  • If the position is eliminated, the employee proceeds automatically to in-placement/out-placement ...

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