What are the IMO's Role & Responsibilities?

Define governance model & structure

  • Define IMO org model
  • Outline key roles & responsibilities
  • Ensure adequate resourcing
  • Supplement with SME where required
  • Ensure adherence to defined rules of engagement relative to HSR process

Conduct data harvesting process

  • Architect data harvesting process, tools, and document storage
  • Manage weekly request & fulfillment process with Acquired Co. personnel
  • Ensure sensitive data is properly managed
  • Coordinate clean room/clean team process

Develop culture and communication plans

  • Conduct cultural assessment
  • Manage pre-close communications for internal and external stakeholders
  • Create Day 1 and welcome week schedule
  • Develop Day 1 and Y1 communications plan & materials
  • Identify change management challenges to ensure adequate mitigation

Drive key pre-planning work streams

  • Guide development of IT infrastructure roadmap
  • Manage process to determine costs & structure recommendations for each business unit and corporate department
  • Identify, escalate and resolve issues, risks, and decision needs

Develop integration plans 

  • Manage development of 12-18 month work plans for each team
  • Identify cross-functional dependencies and sequencing issues ...

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