Pre-Merger Integration Planning Questions

Here are 10 pre-merger questions you should ask yourself prior to integration planning.

How will you:

  1. Manage the post-merger integration so that it's fast and focused?
  2. Leverage both companies knowledge and capabilities?
  3. Launch integration teams, measure progress, and hold people accountable?
  4. Communicate during the integration and present a consistent set of core messages to stakeholders?
  5. Prepare your managers to handle questions when they don't have answers?
  6. Keep your people focused and productive?
  7. Retain key talent?
  8. Minimize culture clash?
  9. Address resistance to change?
  10. Re-energize your workforce during and after the integration?

The Merger Integration Certification Workshop helps integration leaders address all of these questions. Thinking and planning ahead are the keys to managing people effectively during an integration.

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