M&A Tools and Templates

Our post-merger integration plan tools and templates (more than 100) help simplify and expedite integration work and help teams produce it in common formats.

The acquisition integration project plan templates are organized under the steps of PRITCHETT's world-class M&A integration methodology. 

PRITCHETT Merger Integration Certification Workshop Attendees and Website Subscribers can access all the M&A integration tools and templates, not just the free ones. They can also access all the presentations, playbooks, books, articles, checklists, software, assessments, webinars, research, and videos on MergerIntegration.com.

(Partial List - See eMerger Software for more tools and templates)

Step 1: Define M&A Integration Strategy and Guiding Principles

Step 2: Determine M&A Integration Governance

Step 3: Conduct Joint Integration Management Office (IMO) Meeting

Step 5: Develop Post Merger Integration Risk Management Plan

Step 6: Develop Post Merger Integration Culture Plans

Step 7: Develop Post Merger Integration Communication Plans

Step 8: Develop Post Merger Staffing & Retention Plans

Step 9: Develop M&A Project Integration Plans

Step 10: Execute Acquisition Integration Plans (Includes Day 1 Plans)

Step 11: Capture M&A Integration Lessons Learned