Meeting Objectives

Final review of the HR game plan prior to close... between the players who have been involved in all the planning to date... and the players who will be involved in the implementation.


  • Human Resources Charter
  • Key Goals of Integration Planning
  • Integration Planning Underway Past Five Months
  • Interaction Below VP Level Limited Pre-Close
  • Pre-Close Significant Efforts Made to Stabilize Acquiree
  • Key Integration Challenges as Close Approaches
  • Thorough Planning, Close Collaboration Integration of Compensation and Benefits
  • Most Acquiree C&B Policies “Grandfathered" But A Few Will Not …
  • A Phased Approach the Cultural Integration: Building What Has Worked Well in The Past

Human Resources Charter


  • Ensure integrated change management approach in collaboration with communication team to facilitate communication, employee engagement and culture assessment.
  • Provide guidance to the design of the new division organization structure
  • Participate and facilitate the appointment of EC members and next level
  • Evaluate due diligence findings including the status of HR operations including practices, policies, structure and service delivery
  • Facilitate selection, retention, severance and benefits programs/processes
  • Limit employment liability


  • All HR personnel
  • All people related issues


  • Communication & employee engagement plan, in collaboration with communication team, to address pre & post change of control
  • Cultural assessment and implications for new division
  • Complete analysis and evaluation of HR operations, recommendations and impact on new division
  • Identified and put in place programs and processes for Day 1, 3 months, 6 months, etc., such as: Staffing process for selecting, retaining and separating Acquiree employees, training of managers.
  • List or critical talent & retention mechanism
  • Performance based assessment and selection process
  • Achieve synergy targets and timelines
  • Tools and processes to orient Chiron employees to Acquirer including management communication toolkits, training, etc.
  • No/limited employment liability

Out of scope

  • Temps, consultants and contractors

Hot topics/urgent issues to be solved

  • Retention of key people for business continuity
  • Access to Acquiree personnel related information
  • Access to key HR personnel
  • Create governance in regard to assessment, selection, employee status and compensation/retention management...

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