Excerpt from 4-Page Financial Due Diligence Request List:

  • Quarterly income statement for most recent two quarters
  • Financial projection for next four quarters
  • Amount of forecast guaranteed by contract
  • Most recent business plans
  • A copy of tax returns for the last four years
  • All tax distributions made
  • Past two years’ audit results      
  • Last four years of financial statements
  • Detailed analysis of each balance sheet account
  • Debt instruments, indentures, loan agreements and agreements on documents relating to lines of credit
  • Any contingent liabilities not disclosed in financial statements
  • Any other material agreements not disclosed in the financial statements 
  • All incentive plans
  • Schedule of incentives earned over past two years
  • List of executives  and managers, their compensation, title, and length of employment
  • Any Dun and Bradstreet, Standard and Poor’s or Moody’s reports on the Company
  • Any loans made to or from directors, officers or employees or family members of such directors, officers, or employees ...

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