M&A Human Resources Integration

The role of Human Resources in M&A integrations is to onboard employees, harmonize compensation and benefits, design retention plans, develop cultural integration and communication plans, and create and implement plans to consolidate the HR function. 

The following free integration plans, playbooks, presentations, charters, and checklists can help HR execute its post-merger integration responsibilities:

HR Post Merger Integration Planning

HR's role in M&A
Role of HR During Mergers and Acquisitions

Three things that are guaranteed to give HR a better seat at the table:

  • Preemptively prepare for M&A. Anticipate. Provide in-depth training for HR staff on the fundamentals of due diligence, merger integration strategy, how to reconcile culture differences, etc. Ensure that the HR Team is very sophisticated on merger dynamics and positioned to serve as a merger-savvy resource to people in other functions.
  • Rethink HR's conventional wisdom on how success should be measured. HR is the guardian of workforce issues such as morale, trust, job satisfaction, stress levels, and employee loyalty, but those metrics will take wicked turns for the worse during a merger. Success is better measured by tracking productivity, quality, market share, customer satisfaction, and– above all– profitability. This is highly counterintuitive for HR people, but these are the critical markers for the integration process...

Benefits and Compensation



HR Due Diligence

Post-Merger Integration Employee Surveys