Post-Merger Integration Checklists

We offer 30 post-merger integration checklists (see below free list of over 700 tasks) that cover Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, Day 1 Readiness, Sales and Marketing, Communications, Legal, and Due Diligence. Teams can use our M&A integration checklists to stimulate their thinking, and ensure they cover their bases. The sample checklists have been used on many deals and gleaned from our M&A integration playbooks.

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Human Resources

Excerpt from HR Acquisition Integration Checklist

Communications Day 1 Topics

  • Pay & benefits overview for salaried employees
  • Pay & benefits overview for hourly employees
  • Open enrollment dates
  • Acquirer's badges for integration team and key employees

Communications Day 2 Topics

  • Inventory system to use on Day 1
  • Open enrollment materials for salaried employees
  • Open Enrollment Materials for hourly employees
  • Details regarding 401(k) conversion
  • Incentive plans


  • Amend Acquired Company's plan to add 5% non-matching contribution for earnings after closing
  • Work with Acquired Company's payroll to establish 5% non-matching contribution for earnings after closing
  • Acquired Company's Vanguard will need to set up new contribution type to receive 5% non-matching
  • Establish separate vesting schedule for 5% that is different than Acquired Company's match for Acquired Company's Vanguard plan
  • Amend Acquired Company's 401(k) feed to include all Acquired Company's employees for 5% non- matching contribution for earnings after closing
  • Notify Acquired Company's vendor of contract termination
  • Amend Acquired Company's plan to freeze plan for new loans 
  • Establish loan repayments provisions with Acquiring Company's payroll
  • Merge Acquired Company's 401(k) with Acquiring Company's plan
  • Establish process with Vanguard to continue repayments on Acquired Company's plan loans after mid- year
  • Ensure Acquiring Company's plans don't require amendments to prevent Acquired Company's participation Day 1
  • Amend Acquired Company's trust agreement as needed to reflect transition changes
  • Send YTD 401(k) deferrals to payroll for limits
  • Amend/Create Acquired Company's excess (NQP) plan for 5% non-matching contribution for earnings after closing

Long-Term Disability

  • Notify Acquired Company's vendor of contract termination effective 1/30
  • Notify intent to waive LOI for Acquired Company's employees as done for new hires
  • Discuss LTD transition process for Acquired Company's employees on STD prior to 7/1 who will need to move to Acquired Company's LTD carrier
  • Ensure Acquiring Company's plans don't require amendments to prevent Acquired Company's participation Day 1

Short-Term Disability

  • Identify all employees on STD at 6/30
  • Transition employees on STD to AonHewitt
  • Ensure Acquiring Company's plans don't require amendments to prevent Acquired Company's participation Day 1

Leave of Absence

  • Identify employees on LOA (non-STD & Work Comp)
  • Determine treatment of employees at conversion to Acquiring Company's systems
  • Understand Acquired Company's processes for complying with sick ordinances and determine if any changes are required


  • Complete Acquired Company's Affirmative Action Plan effective 6/30 from standard procedures in ADP & Lawson
  • Create link to Acquired Company's recruiting site from Acquiring Company's and vice versa so employees have access to all jobs posted
  • Determine timeline to have all open requisitions in one system
  • Transfer Acquired Company's resume database
  • Communicate plan of when Acquired Company will begin using Acquiring Company's offer letters, drug testing policy, and background vendors
  • Ensure Acquired Company's employees are included in EEO-1 and Vets 4212 reporting due in September
  • Upload historical Acquired Company's offer letters into Acquiring Company's system
  • Gather all Acquired Company's applicant tracking for last year to submit to government at year end
  • Collect copies of Acquired Company's job descriptions for records

Workers Compensation

  • Identify all Acquired Company's employees on workers compensation
  • Notify Acquired Company's vendor of contract termination for new claims after 1/30
  • Establish process for consolidated reporting and compliance from Day 1 to Day 2
  • Determine timing of transition and administration of active claims at June 30
  • Determine timing of transition of closed Acquired Company's claims


  • Ensure Acquired Company's employees sign Employment Agreement within 3 days of closing
  • Review key Acquired Company's HR policies to ensure alignment and change if necessary for Day 1
  • Communicate Acquiring Company's HR policies as part of Day 2 Open Enrollment activities
Additional HR Checklists:

Information Technology

Excerpt from IT Mergers & Acquisitions Checklist

Software / Applications

  • Obtain list of software contracts / licenses owned (enterprise licenses as well as departmental / individual licenses)
  • Update vendor contracts / licenses for software
  • Develop list license information (duration, costs, terms, items included, etc.)
  • Review list for consolidation opportunities
  • Identify software / application requirements to align between organizations (e.g., financial, CRM, ERP, Email, etc.)
  • Develop migration plan for alignment
  • Identify any software currently in development or planned
  • Determine status of development activities (progress, % complete, money committed, remaining activities, etc.)
  • Develop recommendations for existing development activities (continue, end, adjust)

IT Operations

  • Determine
    • Is there a Help Desk and if so, what level of support is provided?
    • Are outside resources utilized to support Help Desk issues / requirements?
    • What outside resources are utilized to support help desk issues / requirements - if applicable
    • What products / services do they provide?
    • How are contractor / supplier agreements tracked and managed?
    • How are changes (network / software) evaluated and managed?
    • Is there a formal change management process in place?
  • Obtain annual IT budget (Cap Ex and operational)
  • Review past 3 year's budgets for results (planned vs. actuals)
  • Define process for capturing / tracking monthly and annual budgets
  • Define process for budget development and approvals
  • Obtain contractor / supplier lists
  • Identify IT key operating processes
  • Identify IT process areas to align
  • Identify change management activities required for alignment between organizations
  • Develop and initiate required plans to manage network / software changes
  • Identify best practices to share between companies


  • Identify IT team organization chart (names, titles, responsibilities, reporting relationships)
  • Identify organization differences to address
  • Determine position titles, areas of overlap, etc.
  • Establish future organization structure
  • Develop new organization chart (names, titles, responsibilities, reporting relationships, etc.)
  • Communicate updated IT organization chart
  • Document essential knowledge / skill requirements required for IT operations
  • Determine changes required for alignment (knowledge, skills, certifications, licenses, etc.)
  • Review IT training programs across companies
  • Determine if training program updates are required
  • Develop training action plan - if required
  • Develop training curriculum (internally or outsourced)
  • Initiate training & development activities

Policies / Procedures

  • Determine IT policies and procedures (similarities / differences)
  • Gather information on relevant policy information (e.g., hardware / software purchases, information security, confidentiality, equipment use, Change Management, etc.)"
  • Map acquired company policies to acquiring company policies
  • Determine company policy IT differences to address
  • Identify IT policies to potentially align across companies
  • Develop policies / procedures recommendations for review with stakeholders
  • Obtain policy / procedure changes approval
  • Communicate and distribute updated policy information

IT Projects

  • Identify any in-flight projects / programs underway (purpose / rationale, budget, timeline)
  • Determine status of in-flight projects (progress, % complete, money committed, remaining activities, etc.)
  • Develop recommendations for in-flight projects (continue, end, adjust)
  • Are there standardized project management programs in place being utilized (e.g., MS Project, SmartSheet, Asana, etc.)
Additional IT Checklists:

Finance and Accounting

Excerpt from Post-Merger Integration Finance Checklist

Accounting Policy Variances

  • Obtain inventory of Acquiree's accounting policies
    • Evaluate the accounting treatment variances 
      • Revenue recognition
      • Cost of sales recognition and matching
      • Liabilities and contingencies
      • Receivables
      • Impairment
      • Capitalization policies
      • Property ownership 
      • Due diligence inventories
      • Income tax provision
      • Property tax valuation and exposure
  • Determine plan for migrating Acquiree to Acquirer's policies & procedures

Synergy Tracking

  • Identify finance team member(s) who will track synergies
  • Create synergy tracking model templates
  • Develop ongoing status reporting format and timing
  • Monitor and report synergy result
  • Link synergies to budgets and modify budget by synergy values

Chart of Accounts

  • Obtain a copy Acquiree's chart of accounts (COA)
    • Modify Acquirer COA to incorporate Acquiree COA values
  • Create ledgers for each of the Acquiree's subsidiaries  
  • Map the Acquiree's ledger to the Acquirers COA
  • Create separate roll-ups for the Acquiree's entities, Acquirer, and combined company

Accounts Payable

  • Review A/P systems
    • Determine conversion strategy and cutover approach
  • Transition processing to Acquirer
    • Invoices
    • EDI
    • 1099 Processing
  • Determine appropriate conversion methodology
    • Have Acquiree continue to process open PO's for one month following close
    • Manually convert
      • Key open PO's after close
    • Set up W-9s for new vendors
      • Coding information
      • Required vendor
    • Determine sequential numbering strategy
    • Determine methods of payment
      • Bank accounts
      • Inter-unit cash transaction
        • Cash
        • Treasury
        • Check printing
        • Taxes
    • Determine types of check writing through accounts
  • Migrate Acquiree's system and processing to Acquirer's Accounts Payable immediately following close
    • Configure Acquirer's data elements
      • Setup Business Units
      • Establish vendors
      • Establish EDI feeds
      • Setup check writing
      • Setup positive pay
      • Setup ACH payments
      • Establish archiving methodology and approach
        • Perform duplicate payment query search
      • Update existing legacy reports
      • Review reporting needs
      • Establish security
    • Determine authority level for PO inquiry for Acquiree
  • Follow-up on integration items post-Acquiree's conversion
    • 1099 Processing
    • Closing out Acquiree's AP bank accounts
      • Liaise with Treasury for completion
Additional Finance and Accounting Checklists:

Day 1 - Day 30

Excerpt from M&A Day 1 Readiness Checklist

  • Complete Day 1 timeline
  • Meet with Heads and Leads to incorporate "alignment" tactics for Day 1
  • Review timeline in Joint IMO to troubleshoot
  • Provide final timeline to all Heads and Leads in Smartsheet
  • Determine Day 1 logistics
  • Make Go/No Go decision on Day 1 intranet
  • Prepare Email distribution lists
  • Review key priorities, synergy capture, and objectives for first 90 days
  • Begin planning strategy and organization structure of business
  • Confirm Day 1 speakers
  • Obtain organization charts from both Acquirer & Acquired Co.
  • Develop Master Day 1 Playbooks (Employees, Customers, Suppliers)
  • Finalize key messages / high-level talking points
  • Determine Day 1 hosting alternative, if necessary
  • Produce Day 1 video
  • Upload Day 1 video
  • Confirm time for Town Hall Meeting
  • Confirm location for Town Hall Meeting
  • Confirm invitees & distribution List
  • Finalize Townhall presentation
  • Review room set up employee meeting
  • Buy new employee gifts for distribution
  • Draft BU communication plan and timeline
  • Have review call with BU
  • Finalize BU communication plan and timeline
  • Upload to Smartsheet plan library
  • Reconcile timing with master timeline
  • Map out Day 1 communication items and reconcile with master timeline
  • Draft custom content for customers
  • Draft custom content for suppliers
  • Prepare Day 1 collateral pieces
  • Prepare Day 1 PowerPoint deck
  • Create Day 1 leader video
  • Draft Day 1 newsletter
  • Set up video link from President
  • Develop answers to employee FAQs
  • Draft Day 1 organization announcement
  • Prepare integration vision / values advertisement
  • Create newsletter template
  • Draft letter from President
  • Finalize distribution lists (Acquired Co. and Acquirer)
  • Finalize site visit list
  • Develop Facility Managers Day 1 / Welcome Week Guide
  • Send guide to Acquired Co. facility managers
  • Host Zoom meeting for facility leaders
  • Draft Welcome Team Leaders' Guide
  • Host Zoom meeting for leaders
  • Plan welcome week logistics and planning
  • Reconcile welcome week strawman with Steering Committee's recommendations
  • Finalize welcome week schedule
  • Prepare Acquired Co. brands List
  • Prepare Acquirer brands List
  • Develop intranet site for integration
  • Develop organization announcement protocols - templates and guidelines for what and how levels of positions get announced, and timeline
  • Compile a list of Day 1 interior signage needs
  • Distribute corporate branding collateral and guidelines to new locations
  • Draft leadership announcements
  • Determine limits of authority
  • Confirm limits of authority
  • Develop detailed distribution list for limits of authority
  • Communicate and distribute limits of authority
  • Develop plan to inform all employees about the acquisition
  • Develop primary deliverables included in Pritchett’s communication plan
  • Plan for general managers to meet with all employees at shift change to inform them of the acquisition
  • Communicate with employees in AP, AR status of corporate structure, and changes necessary in daily operations
  • Determine which Acquirer executive will visit the locations
  • Recommend welcome week site visit schedule and agenda based on a generic close date
  • Finalize welcome week schedule with team - need to align with the Acquirer master welcome schedule
Additional Day 1 - Day 30 Checklists:


Excerpt from Post-Merger Integration Communication Plan Checklist

For the communication plan to be successful:

  • Multiple channels of communication should be used in order to reach the highest number of people
  • A single point of “editorial control” will enhance the quality and consistency of messages: VP of HR is the designated final approver before distribution of employee communications to Acquiree
  • The individuals designated as distribution point contacts will have the processes in place as well as the availability necessary to quickly disseminate information to their stakeholder groups
  • Dates have not been finalized. As the plans surrounding the acquisition evolve, the dates suggested in the timeline and communication plan will be updated
  • Since the communication plan provides a structure for executing communications rapidly, it can be finalized and shared in advance of deal announcement; specific message content will depend on the outcome of deal negotiations which are still ongoing
  • Resources within the Information Systems group will be available to support information postings to the intranet, global email/video distribution, and establishment of an email box supporting two- way communications
  • Video production will be provided by an outside vendor
  • Majority of stakeholders are English-speaking; translations, where necessary, will be coordinated by the regional offices

Establish global communication team

  • Team member name and contact list (remember to include new owners)
  • Writers
  • Presenters
  • Video crew
  • People to distribute press release, memos, videos, letters to customers/suppliers
  • Media contacts
  • Schedulers for employee meetings
  • People to post communications on notice boards/ intranets

Notify global communication team members of roles and responsibilities

Notify executives of communication roles and responsibilities

Press Release

  • Prepare draft
  • Get draft approved
  • Establish release date, time, distribution list, order of distribution (take different times zones into account)
  • Distribute
  • Post on intranet sites
  • Post on notice boards


  • Schedule date/ time/ location to shoot
  • Notify presenters
  • Arrange for video crew
  • Write video script
  • Get video script approved
  • Shoot video
  • Edit video
  • Distribute video
  • Post video on intranet sites

Employee Meetings

  • Schedule date/time/locations to conduct
  • Notify presenters
  • Create agenda
  • Draft PowerPoint presentation
  • Get presentation approved
  • Distribute presentation to presenters
  • Draft FAQs and get approved
  • Distribute FAQs to presenters
  • Brief presenters/ answer questions
  • Conduct meetings
  • Gather feedback
  • Continue to update and post FAQs on intranet sites

Customer Letters

  • Determine distribution list
  • Determine distribution channel(s)
  • Draft letter and get approved
  • Distribute letter
Additional Communication Checklists:

Sales and Marketing

Excerpt from Sales and Marketing M&A Integration Playbook

Establish a customer loss prevention program

  • Identify and prioritize "at-risk" accounts
  • Develop sales strategies and presentations
  • Update informational brochures and product profiles
  • Create media releases
  • Develop customer service Q&A scripts

Determine account coverage

  • Define main point of contact for each account/customer on Day 1
  • Share customer lists by sales/account manager
  • Define process for how customer interface will proceed with Account Management for day-to-day business operations
  • Separately identify sales agents/representatives by account
  • Create list of short-term policy/procedures required

Develop additional policies and procedures 

  • Employment policies / agreements
  • Incentive / compensation structure
  • Severance and stay packages

Develop plan to capture synergies

  • Markets
  • Number of accounts
  • Average size
  • Customers
  • Territories
  • Products / Services
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Sales force
  • Call centers

Communicate product issues and organization changes

  • External audience 
  • Suppliers
  • Vendors
  • Consumers
  • Internal audience
  • Sales force
  • Marketing

 Communicate to Acquiree's sales force

  • Prepare clear consistent communication messages
  • Communicate advantages / positive aspects of joint value proposition
  • Determine message delivery mechanisms
  • Establish feedback mechanisms

Identify new performance measures and incentive plan changes and communicate to Acquiree employees

  • Develop and structure retention / incentive programs 

Determine if any immediate brand names / logos / packaging will change

  • If yes, plan for conversion

Determine how Acquiree will position itself 

  • Identify if there is a need to use the Acquiree's name brand for a specified time once the deal has closed 
  • Determine the specific guidelines for usage of the Acquirer's name -  legal / regulatory issues
  • Plan transition to Acquirer's (time frame)

Define training requirements for new staff and sales force

  • Training programs for appropriate groups
  • Product explanations
  • Sales structure
  • Benefits of Acquirer's networks
  • IT system and use
  • Performance measures

Assist in coordination of external communications

  • Provide input for news release to Communications Team
  • Provide input for letters to customers to Communications Team
  • Coordinate communications with Key Customer list

Assist in coordination of internal communications

  • Provide input for internal newsletter to Communications Team
  • Update Acquirer Sales Tool Kit

Implement migration plans

  • Organization changes
  • Sales / Field office reconfiguration
  • Technology transfers
  • New logo, brand names, packaging

Continuously capture feedback 

  • Identify new technologies and capabilities that can increase revenue
  • Assess reactions to new / modified products and adjust marketing and sales plans as necessary

Identify new customer target opportunities

  • Identify potential new customers across businesses
  • Assess customer needs across businesses
  • Identify customer segmentation by product use
  • Determine target customer profitability


Excerpt from Post-Merger Integration Checklists: IT, HR, Finance, and Legal

Intellectual Property Management

  • Evaluate different system options to manage and rationalize
  • Implement changes to IP management system
  • Identify Acquired Company IP to be incorporated into system
  • Update IP trade secret registry
  • Review patent strategy
  • Review trademark strategy
  • Review Acquired Company Domain name transition
  • Determine fate of Acquired Company mark

Compliance - Code of Conduct

  • Review and analyze Acquired Company Code of Conduct
  • Review procedure of on-boarding new employees / current employees with respect to Code of Conduct
  • Prepare and review gap analysis of compliance review
  • Identify and address need for communication and training on code of conduct and SOX
  • Schedule compliance presentation and training based on findings above
  • Schedule a date for formal presentation (within first 30 days)

Employee Contracts Review

  • Gather and review severance policy
  • Review employment contracts where acquisition triggers change in financial or contract terms
  • Review employee handbooks and ethics policies for legal conformity
  • Review and assess all non-standard employment terms
  • Assess any remaining key contracts/agreements warranting review or that might be impacted by change-in-control
  • Identify any key legal issues relating to any termination
  • Schedule a review meeting with HR prior to planned attrition date to review any key issues
  • Schedule with HR to review the RIF date and plan
  • Review list of key documents necessary for severance packages
  • Verify severance documentation complies with legal requirements
  • Schedule and review final severance process and documentation with HR prior to termination date

Other Contracts

  • Execute change in control notifications
  • Include most favored nations clauses in contracts
  • Review debt covenants
  • Assign contracts when appropriate 
  • Address implications of enhanced safety on Acquired Company's contractors
  • Review IT contracts/license
  • Add Acquired Company leases to database and collect related information to manage leases

Organizational Planning

  • Establish direct report leaders
  • Complete end-state organization chart
  • Build transition plan for each affected group
  • Execute plans, and monitor and adjust as needed
  • Identify personnel who will be incented to stay
  • Onboard all transitioning and permanent employees
  • Ensure appropriate actions on separation of employees
  • Communicate to internal clients about obtaining legal support


  • Integrate Acquiring Company's employees into system
  • Develop single records retention policy and schedule
  • Transfer Acquired Company SharePoint legal records to Acquiring Company
  • Align Iron Mountain accounts


  • Transfer Acquired Company training licenses to Acquiring Company
  • Reroute ethics hotline to Acquiring Company
  • Consolidate Acquired Company's cases into case management system
  • Add Acquired Company employees to Acquirer's compliance reporting system
  • Prepare any mandatory filings triggered by merger
  • Update corporate compliance reporting