From Page 1 of 8-Page HR Due Diligence Checklist:

  • Organization charts and a description of management structure, including principal functional areas, headcount by area. and reporting relationships.
  • Job descriptions for all major job categories and minimum education, experience, and skill levels required for each.
  • Current pay ranges and recent increases. 
  • List current personnel (including lists of officers and directors) with hire dates, current annual salaries, bonus targets (if applicable), commission targets (if applicable), years of service with the Company, site location, highest educational degree, and prior experience. 
  • Accrued vacation time per employee. 
  • Personnel who have left employment in the last twelve months, their last position, length of service with the Company prior to termination, any severance payments or liabilities incurred, whether or not employee took a position with an affiliated company, and key employees on this list.
  • Employee turnover information for the last two years noting employees that have been terminated.
  • Payroll process including who processes (provide company name if payroll processed externally), frequency of paycheck distribution (list timeframes; i.e., monthly, every two weeks, on the 1st and 16th, etc.).  Frequency and timing of commission payouts (monthly, every two months, etc.) and whether it differs from the normal payroll processing.
  • All employment or employment-related contracts with current or former employees and any severance agreements as a result of change in control issues.

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