• Merging Requires New Culture and Behaviors
  • Closing the Gap
  • Work Culture Implementation Schedule
  • Work Culture Team Mission Statement
  • Mission of Organizational Development
  • Characteristics of An OD Function
  • What Are We Doing
  • Quote on Culture
  • One Culture
  • “Should Be” Work Culture Attributes
  • Thanks To You Great Foundation to Build On

Activities on Culture Implementation Schedule

  1. Create Culture Integration Project Milestones
  2. Identify Core Culture Team/Resources
  3. Conduct Initial Work Culture Scan for Americas
  4. Conduct Initial Work Culture Scan for EMEA
  5. Perform Executive Staging With Acquirer Executives
  6. Conduct Formal Culture Diagnostics
  7. Conduct Culture Training
  8. Identify & Assign Culture Projects
  9. Integrate Culture & Performance Management (Core Competencies)
  10. Integrate Culture & Leadership Development
  11. Implement Accelerated Change Process
  12. Create Orientation
  13. Identify & Address Cultural Barriers
  14. Implement Robust Communication Process (see Communication Team plan)
  15. Review all Formal Synergy Related Learning to Ensure Consistency with Future Work Culture Attributes
  16. Implement Culture of Continuous Improvement & Effective Project Management ...

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