• NewCo Vision
  • Guiding Principles
  • Steering Committee: Roles and Responsibilities
  • IMO: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Team Leads: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Integration Manager: Selection Criteria
  • Steering Committee: Key Planning Deliverables
  • Integration – Weekly Meeting Process

Guiding Principles

  • Live our values — no compromise
  • Work together — no “us and them”
  • Act with urgency — make decisions quickly
  • Be accountable — deliver on our integration objectives
  • Be courageous — we will fix mistakes we make
  • Keep it simple — don’t over-complicate
  • Integration is the priority for those on the team
  • Others stay focused on running our businesses well
  • Treat those leaving with dignity and respect

Steering Committee Roles and Responsibilities

  • Provides strategic direction & sets priorities
  • Has ultimate ownership and decision-making authority
  • Pushes M&A integration team to exceed targets
  • Resolves major escalated issues and removes barriers
  • Ensures appropriate resources are provided

IMO Roles and Responsibilities

  • Manages overall integration effort through all phases
  • Establishes timing and milestones
  • Holds team accountable for meeting milestones on time
  • Creates required reporting and project management templates
  • Onboarding and training for integration team
  • Solves “ad hoc” integration issues & raises decision needs to SC ...

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