The M&A Integration Manager should be a dedicated, full-time, on-site resource from the acquirer who should be appointed to the project no later than two weeks prior to Announcement and actively involved in the project until at least 120 days post-close. 

Responsibilities of M&A Integration Manager:

  • Plan and conduct the Integration Team Kickoff Meeting so that all functional integration leaders understand their roles and responsibilities during the transition period
  • Assist with the launch of functional integration teams so they understand their charters and are organized for success
  • Brief the acquired management team and employees so that they understand the integration process and how it will impact them
  • Escalate issues requiring senior-level input so they are resolved quickly and effectively
  • Manage the interdependencies between functions so activities are prioritized and sequenced correctly
  • Evaluate the risks associated with an integration and mitigate them to the most reasonable extent possible
  • Ensure exit criteria are met
  • Document any handoffs to business line leaders at the end of the transition period
  • Capture lessons learned and recommendations for future acquisitions 

The M&A Integration Manager helps ensure there is:

  • A Day 1 plan so the integration starts smoothly
  • A talent retention plan to incent key employees to stay on board
  • An integration progress tracking and reporting process for all functional integration leaders to follow
  • An integration plan for each business function being integrated (i.e., Sales, Operations, Information Technology, Purchasing, HR, Tax, Finance, Legal, etc.)
  • A communication plan for employees in both companies and all other stakeholders (i.e., customers, suppliers, vendors, partners, recruits, communities, etc.) ...


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