The M&A Human Resources Integration Checklist covers the following areas: Pension Plan, 401K, Profit Sharing, HRIS, Health Benefits, Compensation, Severance and Transition, Workers Compensation, Employee Relations, Organizational Development and Staffing,  and Safety / Environmental.

Excerpt from checklist:

Pension Plan

    Determine options for Defined Benefit Plans (Hourly, salaried, union, geographical)

     Compare Employee Total Benefits

     Complete communication material for Acquiree employees

     Communicate plan changes to Acquiree employees


   Communicate Acquirer Plan

    Complete communication material for Acquiree employees

    Combine plan assets

Profit Sharing

    Complete communication material to Acquiree employees

    Communicate end date of Acquiree plan

     Introduce Acquirer's plan


     Evaluate internal vs external payroll processing alternatives for US

          Review contracts with ADP at Acquiree

          Determine personnel and cost synergies or ADP/Insource via PSFT

          Develop transition plan for Payroll

     Develop HRIS Transition Plan

          Identify key Acquirer services and transition timing from Acquiree to Acquirer

          Plan meeting for January to review information needs for change to PSFT

          Develop HRIS project plan ...

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