• Vision For Integration
  • Management Of Integration
  • Integration Governance Model
  • Steering Committee
  • Workstream Leaders
  • High Level Integration Goals
  • The Integration Project
  • Transaction Timeline
  • Charter Example
  • Target Operating Model
  • Walk-the-Wall Illustration
  • Create A Post-it Note For Each Milestone
  • Workstreams And Functions
  • Data Sharing
  • Document Control
  • Integration Project Plans
  • Next Steps

Vision for the Integration

Acquirer’s strategic intentions:

  • Consolidate to a single brand
  • Preserve and enhance current operating performances
  • Preserve the value of assets
  • Consolidate operating environments (people, systems, processes, infrastructure) when feasible (cost/timing/impact)
  • Retain and enhance customer relationships with solutions-based engagements
  • Identify opportunities to leverage Acquired Co.’s services to other locations/clients
  • Enhance online reporting and account access capabilities for Acquired Co.’s customers.

High-Level Integration Goals

  • Sales

    • Harmonize our compensation structure (goals, quotas, commissions)
    • Align our Sales Forecasting processes
    • Engage with Key Customers to communicate our Go-to-Market plans
  • Marketing

    • Align our advertising, branding, pricing, and hours of operation
    • Provide collateral materials to support our customer facing activities
  • Sales Operations

    • Deal Enablement: align processes to quote, validate, run credit checks, price, contract, setup accounts, recognize revenue, invoice, and collect cash)
    • Provide cross-company Sales Training (products, process, tools)
    • Consolidate Customer Data into a single instance of Sage
    • Align Financial and Management reporting processes
  • Customer Service

    • Harmonize our Customer service tools, processes, and training

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