Each Integration Team will report status weekly to the Integration Management Office (IMO) and the IMO will report status of all the teams to the Steering Committee every two weeks.

What will we report?

Each Integration Team Leader will provide the following information to the IMO weekly:

  • Key Actions/Accomplishments During the Past Week
  • Key Issues/Decisions Required
  • Potential Solutions/Help Needed
  • Next Steps/Actions

How will we report?

Integration Team Leaders will update reports in SmartSheet for review at the IMO meetings.

How long will we meet weekly?

At the beginning of the planning process, it will be necessary to hold Integration Status meetings weekly until most of the decisions required have been made and all Integration Teams are comfortable in their role and working with each other. After a few months, these meetings can move to every other week. However, Integration Team Leaders will still need to update reports weekly ...