Comments from Merger Integration Certification Workshop Attendees

“I have participated in a dozen M&A, project management, OD, culture and change management workshops. You guys set the bar.”
Gina Lanzafama, Chief of Staff, OpinionRoute

“This was such a fantastic workshop. The practical advice, play-by-play templates, and process steps will be very useful in my work. The combined expertise was so impressive. The instructors were so effective and engaging. Sharing their real-world experiences was priceless. I have never been in a workshop where the participants were so engaged. Thank you so much for your time and efforts—this was truly exceptional.”
Judy Davis, Associate Director of Project Management, CorEvitas

“Well done! Great people and great facilitators willing to share true real life stories. It helped me connect with the content.”
Natalie Jackobe, AVP Integration Manager, US Bank

“Fantastic workshop. Engaging and energizing. I learned a lot and had great fun.”
Deborah Carpe, Senior Manager, Halliburton

“Really relevant material shared by experienced leaders who had real life examples to back up the material–five days well spent!”
Tom Pearse, IT Integration Manager, A. P. Moller Maersk

“The instructors had written books and been through many integrations himself. Anytime the class
had a question, they were able to speak from relevant real-world experience. The information was
highly relevant to the group and the pace worked well.”
Mark Hacking, Project Coordinator, IMT

“Simply remarkable. You can’t capture the experience in the room in any book purchased off the shelf.”
Sandy Ferguson, CFO, United Communities Credit Union

“The workshop is everything I never knew I always needed to know about merger integration.”
Brad Weatherly, HR Project Leader, Alcon

“This workshop was very well structured and led by industry experts. The tools provided are precious and
very relevant for my job. They will make my job a lot easier.”

— Lena Iosilevsky, Sr. Program Manager, M&A IMO, Adobe

“The depth of the instructors’ experiences really comes through in their on-point examples and responses to questions.”
— Geff Blaydes, Director Business Operations, Motorola Solutions

“Excellent coverage of the topic with real-world tools and advice.“
Tom Hughes, VP Clinical Support Services, Women & Infants Hospital

“All the information is so valuable. I’m excited to integrate these ideas into my company ... they
(my colleagues) too will be energized by it.”

Bryanne Halfhill, Director of Outpatient Services, Blue Sky Therapy

“Great conference. Insightful.”
Dana Webb, Director, PeaceHealth

“Very good presenters with deep knowledge and experience on M&A.”
Jorg Riede, Finance Director, Radiometer

“The workshop is the most impactful and organized workshop that I have attended. Thank you to all involved who made this an amazing learning experience!”
Tyra Bremer, Vice President of Talent Management, Service King

“PRITCHETT’s content and instructors are best-in-class and provide order and structure to a chaotic and anxious challenge (mergers). I am recommending this course to others.”
Erin Flanigan, VP of Human Resources, Wentworth-Douglas Hospital

“Great focus on high-impact areas for M&A. Well prepared and experienced instructors highlighted the key concepts.”
Jason Kneen, Engineering Manager, Integration Processes, Stryker Instruments

“Great class. Pace was just right. Will help me with M&A and my other programs.”
Corrinne Hasstedt, Senior Program Manager, General Dynamics AIS

“An engaging week with good, knowledgeable leaders and fun participants.”
— Andrew Ford, National Corporate Affairs Manager, Icon Co (NSW) Pty Ltd

“A very good presentation of all integration-related challenges and potential solutions.”
Patrick Duregger, European Legal Counsel, Omron Europe

“Even experienced professionals in M&A commented regularly that they learned many new things from the course.”
Don McClure, Director, PMO, SysIQ

“Very good material by experienced people.”
Patrick Vigie, Vice President, Airbus

“Extremely deep complex material organized in a matter that was easy to understand, learn, practice and employ.”
Olga Reyes, Alcon Labs

“A must for anyone doing M&A work. The content was relevant and brought a whole new perspective to mergers.”
Julie Kreinbring, Executive Vice President, Alliance Catholic Credit Union

“Excellent experience! Informative, relevant, and comprehensive. A lot packed into five days
including many useful tools to drive improvements in integration and value creation.”

Najla Aftahi, Director of Business Development, Volcano Corporation

“I was very impressed by the very practical approach and wealth of tips and tools that can be
immediately applied. Also, impressed with trainers’ depth and breadth of experience.”

Emily Hutton, Operations Officer, IFC

“The course, material, and instructions were exactly what I needed for my current integration. Excellent!”
Violet Awotwi, Managing Director, 4Power Consortium

“I enjoyed each of the instructors. You can tell they were best-in-the-industry.”
Ashley Rogers, HR Manager, Computer Services

“Great seminar! Received all my investment’s worth.”
Manuel Zuniga, CEO, Grupo Cuestamoras

“Excellent content and structure. Very well presented. The diversity of experience and open interaction among all were of significant value. Having attended this course, I have much better insight.”
Michael O’Brien, Director, Extended Enterprise, Exelis

“This workshop has set us up for success. Thank you for the wealth of information—the pathway to success!
I feel much more confident about where we are headed thanks to this course.”

Kelly Cook, Integration Manager, RuffaloCODY

“Great information and tools to formalize integration planning and execution.”
Michael Lag, IT Senior Director, Motorola Mobility

“The instructors were a wealth of information. They were helpful, thorough, and with a mountain of experience.”
Anna-Maria Parente, VP of Human Resources, JET Group

“Good cadence, clear instruction, inclusive environment.”
Laurna Drake, Integration Program Director, Banner Health

“Every day was great.”
Suzanne Serrano, Director, Human Resources, SMP Temperature Control Division

“Training well worth the cost of the program.”
Linda Durishin, Administrator of Organizational Effectiveness, Lehigh Valley Health Network

“Lot of value in this class … from basic best practices to resolving more complex, less obvious aspects of M&A integration.”
Deborah Carpe, Senior Manager, Halliburton

“This was a wonderful program with an abundance of immediately applicable information.”
Matt Snegosky, M&A Integration Program Manager, Lowe's

"Lunches and dinner were really nice, thoughtful, and appreciated by all participants - makes you feel you like you have new friends you can reach out to rather than just instructors and classmates."
Aftan Robertson, Integration Project Manager, Hi-Pro Feeds

"This was an excellent course and tied M&A integration concepts together well. Instructors had great experience and perspectives. The caliber of participants was impressive. The course will help us fast track our merger integration."
Barb Gray, Senior VP - Human Resources, PowerStream, Inc.

"A very good workshop to improve our PMI approach with best practices and other participants’ approaches.
Very good presenters and interesting insights into integration practices.”

Walter Scherz, VP Business Development and PMI, Datwyler Holding

"Very enjoyable learning experience, and the right balance of learning breaks and fun. You did a nice job of creating a team environment with all of us feeling comfortable. Good discussion plus relevant and great expertise from the presenters."
Gail Midlikowski, VP Operations, Unity Health Insurance

"Great structure, and professional, experienced trainers for each topic, and a perfect location and environment. PRITCHETT has a great consulting style."
Ralph Mueller, Director of Post-Merger Activities, MANN+HUMMEL

"Really great mix of process and people focus. Effective teaching through experienced trainers–they kept it real and relatable. Useful for both large and small companies."
Kathy Lough, Senior Project Manager and PMO, Union Bank & Trust

"A lot of good information. Case study was relevant and provided a vehicle for good open dialogue."
Susan Cox, Acquisition Manager, Ferguson Enterprises

"Great course. Very eye opening in many areas we have normally overlooked.
Dynamic class taught by experienced hands-on people."

Alain Vitrian, Director of International Operations, Grupo 3PL

"Great level of detail and level of engagement. Very relevant to my role and needs."
Jim Gwynn, Technical Director, American Express Global Business Travel

“A great workshop that kept me engaged throughout. The discussions between instructors and delegates were extremely useful.”
—   Gary Quirk, Director of Transition Services, Johnson Controls

“Great course. So much info to take back that will help me put together a plan.”
—  Kevin Wolfe, General Manager, Freeman

"Instructors were very well prepared and insightful. I feel much better about the daunting tasks that are just ahead!!"
Tim Smith, SVP - CFO & Treasurer, Workers Credit Union

"The program was very practical and I will be able to implement tools and lessons right away."
Sunny Verma, Director, Business Development and M&A, Entegris

“The workshop provided a great walk-through of the M&A integration processes from start to finish. And understanding how culture underpins everything.”
— Ryan Curran, Senior Vice President, Fulton Financial Corporation

“Training did an excellent job of incorporating lecture, case study, and resources to take back to my company.” 
— Brenda Van Holland, VP of HR Partners, MetaBank

“All aspects of the program were excellent. The instructors’ experiences were invaluable in terms of making the content come to life and become relevant in answering participant’s “real world” questions. The tools & templates will be invaluable resources to keep merger integration programs on track.”
— Pat Lynch, President, Business Alignment Strategies

“Very nice set of “live” examples. Truly engaged and hands on. Top talented professionals. Warm thanks to consultants for making these days truly useful.”
— Arnauld de Sartre, Head of M&A for Services, Airbus SAS

"There were aha moments that were sprinkled throughout creating immense value for future deals."
Mariann Jeffers, AVP of Project Management, Affinity Federal Credit Union

"Keen insights and learning into the nuts and bolts of integration!"
Gary Shean, Integration Leader, Sunoco Products Company

"I believe the knowledge gained from this course will help us get the best value out of our acquisitions going forward."
Omotunde Abimbola, Head of M&A Strategy, Interswitch

“The content around communication was amazing. Glad to learn from highly experienced M&A leaders.”
Timo Philipp Heidorn, M&A Project Leader, Airbus Operation GmbH

“Having been involved in multiple integrations in the past this helped me put all the pieces together.
It helped me understand why some things have worked in the past and others haven't.”

Stephanie Blanco, VP, Acquisition Integration and Program Management, Sound Physicians

“You guys took a scary, overwhelming topic and made it understandable. I feel much more confident now
that I have a step-by-step set of best practices to utilize and share with my team. (P.S. Thanks for making the course so fun!)”

Jennifer Reeves, Director of Human Resources, RPS North America

“All instructors were excellent! Great facilitators that can handle the room and pace accordingly.”
Josh Willis, Workplan Project Director, Lifespace Communities

“The case studies and group experiences were a highlight. Really great!”
Jim McDonald, VP of Industrial Operations, IEA

“The PRITCHETT organization knows this territory and guides you through
the process intelligently and well!”

— Mary Katherine Quasarano, VP of Learning & Development, Celink

“I have gained access to insight and materials which I will be exploring and using a lot in the coming months.”
Wendy Koffy, Senior Manager, Aruba Bank

“Very relevant information for my role. Glad to see Maersk has implemented a lot of these teachings. IT’s role will be to help guide the rest of the organization. This class will certainly help with that. Well-organized and kept to schedule.”
— Ryan Hicks, Project Manager, Maersk

“This class was very useful end-to-end.”
— Erin Pipech, Project Manager, Olympus Corp.

“Wonderful program. Great information and hospitality.”
— Aimee Allbritton, Vice President, Organization Development & Chief Learning Officer, Memorial Health System

“The material covered was great!”
— Jeremy Glynn, VP, Interventional Technologies, Heraeus Medical Components

“Extremely valuable and eye-opening workshop with visible tools!”
— Mike Eitnier, Executive Director – HR, Vectrus

“Fantastic training and case study work. The tools will put our team in a much better place to achieve the value drivers in our next integration!”
— Darin Wogen, Director of National Accounts, Pella Corporation

“Outstanding content and engaging presenters."
— Steve Blount, Senior Director, Strategy and Business Process Improvement, Ontario Systems

"The class was exactly what I needed to get me started in my new integration role. The instructors were very knowledgeable, and it was priceless to have other colleagues with different viewpoints in the class. The free materials on the website will give me the step up that I need.”
— Stephanie Kramer, Sr. Manager, Quality Systems, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“An extremely valuable workshop. Quite frankly, I am not sure I would ever like to have the responsibility of integration without the knowledge and tools gained here. What surprised me the most was the level of interaction and sharing from the other participants - I have made connections from various disciplines and industries.”
— Peter Walsh, Consultant, Atalian Servest Group

“A very thorough workshop to help you guide you through difficult merger integrations.
Additionally, the access to online resources post workshop is amazingly helpful.”

— Carmelitia Agee, Director, Global Services, Transact Campus, LLC

“Wonderful class that will put us on the right path to integrating our acquisitions.”
— Rick White, President, Governmental Services, HR Green, Inc.

"Great presentations from ALL the presenters. Pace was fantastic. we had a very diverse class (1/3 were international).All questions were answered in a manner that each of us understood. Working and taking the class with people with different skillsets and cultures was fantastic.
It was fun to see the sun rise in Australia during the class. :) Super excited to bring more to the table for my company."
— Jason Stephens, IT Customer Support Manager, CVS 

“Very good and useful course. I really loved it.”
— Prakash Chandraker, Country Business Unit Head, Siemens, India

"The trainer's energy was fantastic!!! Excellent workshop. Great content and walking through it 
with the exercises helped my team take ownership of the steps ahead."

Gene Rawls, Director of Information Technology, Lifespace Communities

"The governance and guiding principles were very useful and will be of great help for future integrations.
The diversity of participants and experiences were very informative too. Thank you for all the insights.

Sandrine Canal, Corporate HR Manager- M&A, Société des Produits Nestlé

“Will recommend to others—very thankful that I invested my time for this course. It will be impactful to my role and my organization in the future.”
Kristi Keating, Senior Director of PMO, Stanley Healthcare

“Instructors were truly wonderful. They spoke well, addressing a lot of our comments and concerns and made the points hit home.
I enjoyed theenthusiasm from the teachers and organizers. There was great collaboration across the board.”

Van Mai, Founding Partner/EVP, Lionheart Industrial Group

“The instructors very knowledgeable and provided real examples based on their experiences that brought the methodology to life.”
Liz Ren, Senior Director, AvidXchange

“The material covered was comprehensive and instructors are experienced M&A practitioners.”
Edelyn Norris, Senior Manager, IT M&A Integration, VMware

“I am from an IT background and this workshop provided me with a number of skills and tools to help
me understand and navigate the process as I interact with my M&A colleagues.”

Steve Granata, Senior Advisor, CVS Health

“Great learning, great tools, and shared experiences.”
Rev. Victoria Andrews, Regional Minister, The United Church of Canada

“I loved the structure of the workshop with the one consistent case study running through the course, and the split between collaborative breakout groups and presentations.”
Jackie Connors, Founder and CEO, Digital Marketing Direction

“A very solid methodology provided by world-class consultants. The best lessons learned and tremendously good insights.”
Eloi Cortés, Lead M&A Integration Manager, Berlin Brands Group

“The instructors are captivating with real-world examples. It was so easy to keep engaged, focused, and absorb the information.”
Jennifer Kelly, Vice President, HealthiVibe, a division of CorEvitas

“Content was well organized and flowed nicely. Good mix of breakouts and lectures. Workshop was valuable and covered a variety
of situations related to M&A activity that can be relevant to all stakeholders, buyer, seller, etc.”

Tracy Cordova, Senior Director, HR Services, CMC Materials

“Really enjoyed workshop. Would love to stay engaged with Pritchett, LP. ”
Andy Marell, Head of M&A Integration, Atlassian

“Excellent content, well-structured, and insightful. Inspiring instructors with a wealth of experience.”
Martin Belanger, Chief Administration Officer - Canada, PlusCompany

“I have led several integrations and felt that I had a solid integration playbook. This training allowed me to see added benefits and blind spots I had. It will enrich my current approach and provide more value to my company as we make acquisitions.”
Charlie Metz, VP Growth PMI & IMO, SUSE

“I have truly enjoyed the workshop and found it so informative and enlightening. I am excited about accessing ALL the information on the website.
Everything about M&A integration can be so overwhelming and I feel like the PRITCHETT's examples and resources
have given me so much information to relay to our organization to help us with our future plans”

Andrea Nance, M&A Manager, Tungco Inc.

“Great refresher on integration strategy, early/pre-planning, clear governance and executive involvement. I unlearned and relearned
quite a bit on operationalizing culture and communication and the many Don’ts to avoid.”

Oliver Blachier, SVP, Business and New Markets Development, Entegris

“Great subject material. Really enjoyed the group break out discussions as my group was very diverse, so was nice to get the point of view from other workstreams. Really allowed me to "big picture" it and step away from my main corporate development focus.”
Clark Avery, Director Corporate Development and Finance, North America, Adva Optical

“Very good flow and love the breakout groups.”
Aaron Powell, Sr. Director, EPMO, Navitus

“It's a very practical course based on extensive real-life experience.
It covers in detail the daily issues you will face in integration management.”

Alessandro Pattoneri, Alliance Manager, Chiesi Farmaceutici

“Really enjoyed, thank you very much. Instructors were great! Practical, success-focused content
with clear structure to help you implement best practices immediately.
Will definitely be using the resources going forward.”

- Alexandra English, Legal Counsel, Laborie Medical Technologies

“Very complete and detailed with instructors who have extensive,
practical experience. Excellent workshop.”

Irene Costa Fernandes, Planning Manager, Mercantil Servicios Financieros Internacional

“This workshop exceeded all expectations. The instructors did a wonderful job of educating and empowering attendees to think critically about the methodology to make it applicable no matter what stage or position you're in within M&A integration. Overall, I loved this workshop and would recommend it to colleagues.”
Rachel Douglas, Senior Manager, Partners & Integration, Growve

“The knowledge/experience of the presenters were outstanding. Their ability to specifically relate to a broad group with their depth of experience was highly engaging. The workshop took me to areas I had not anticipated in integration.”
Louise Callin, Manager Consolidated Reporting, TransAlta

“Excellent hands-on workshop with simple but effective tools and processes that can be used
for M&A integration. The instructors were great with lots of real-world experiences to share.”

Greig Cameron, Vice President Engineering & IT, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc.

“Probably the most concise, salient, and relevant business course I have ever taken. I feel empowered to get transactions done right!”
Shael Risman, CEO, PACE Technical

“Loved that your instructors were also consultants with active, real-life examples.
Breakout sessions were a great way to push us to operationalize the content we were learning.”

Seema Camp, Sr. Director Data, Analytics, & Integrations, iVision

“The instructors were well prepared, thoughtful, willing to answer questions, and were excellent fun.
They made the topics engaging, clear, and helped connect all the dots." 

Brandon Hostetter, Senior Program Manager, Leonardo DRS

“Really enjoyed the workshop. Thought all the material and context was relevant and practical. I'm looking forward to going through the material on the portal.”
Katie McCurley,
Enterprise Lead Business Analyst, Blue Cross Blue Shield

“Very experienced practitioners, great examples, highly relevant
content, immediate availability of tools.”
Justyna Martinovic,
Senior Enablement Analyst, The Vanguard Group

“Class size was just right. Engaging with other participants in the breakouts was helpful in reinforcing the material.
The continuous case study was a great way to learn the process.”
Kelly Quick,
Director of Field Asset Management, Globus Medical

“The presenters were all excellent and accomplished.
The real-world stories of past work really brought the content to life for me.”
Eric Simpson,
CEO, From Entry to Exit, Inc.

“Very informative workshop. I learned a ton that I can take back to my job and put into action. All of the instructors clearly had a wealth of experience.
I found their answers to my questions, best practices, and lessons learned incredibly beneficial.
The overall methodology including timeline, key inputs, and outputs, as well as the material on culture integration is highly useful.”
Mark Goldman,
Corporate Development Project Manager, Payliance

“I found the workshop and materials very helpful and relevant to our mission.
We will be looking at what things we can put in place immediately as we are integrating right now.”
Vik Vijayvergiya,
Vice President, M&A, KORE Wireless

“Incredible enrichment from both the experiences of the instructors combined with the diversity of examples from the participants.”
Nils Köhler,
Managing Director, HCL Technologies gbs gmBh

“The Pritchett Integration Methodology, the very seasoned and experienced presenters, and doing hands-on exercises with fellow integration peers has been an excellent way to accelerate my knowledge for successfully leading future integration projects.”
Barend Maassen,
VP of PMO & Integration, AtlasEdge

“The step-by-step integration process taught is very helpful. I plan to utilize the processes, tools, and
best practices outlined in the class to create our integration project playbook.”
Candace Diggs,
VP of Customer Service, Gulf Winds International

“The workshop and online library are great! The instructors know the material and answered our questions very well.”
Chrystal Giles,
National Director, Diligence & Integration, Women's Care

“The workshop was great! Very informative and ran at a good pace.
The other participants were very knowledgeable in their areas and the breakout groups were fantastic!”
Chris Hagen,
Director, M&A, KORE Wireless

“The process workflow is super helpful. I love the tools. The discussion on leading through M&A is great. Love that as I present our plan, I can also provide downloaded resources for the different integration team leads. Excellent workshop, would recommend for others in our credit union.”
Kim Alexander,
EVP/Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, Blue Federal Credit Union

“I really enjoy the workshop and casework. It was much more interactive than I thought and I was pleasantly surprised. It was a joy to get to work with others who were experiencing similar issues or had greater insight into issues.”
Amber Fuqua,
Organizational Development & HR Integration Manager, CCRM

“A really great workshop with great ideas and lots of case studies and tools.”
Andrii Pinchuk,
Tax Manager, CRH

“It was so extremely helpful to see the Integration process from beginning to end and all of the critical steps. As an HR leader, it's good to know how to influence the process and be a stronger partner to make integrations more effective.”
Janelle Wegner,
Head of Human Resources (US), Heraeus Medevio

“Workshop was insightful and of great value. It is so helpful to understand the overall approach and the clear and well-structured methodology.”
Naif Alanazi,
GM, Engineering Solutions & Operations Planning, TAWAL

“Course material and instructors were great.”
Arwa AlNwehd,
Partnerships & Synergies Manager, Solutions by STC

“Great content. Speakers/instructors have very rich expertise in the field and can share a lot of best practices around M&A. Highly recommend!”
Christoph Hakes,
Post Merger Integration Manager, Celonis SE

“Loved it. Really experienced workshop facilitators.”
Kylie Crofts,
General Manager - Merger Integration, Bolton Clarke

“Very well put together. I enjoyed collaborating with folks during the break-out sessions,
especially with those from other countries. It's great that you have the global reach with this workshop!”
Adair Zimmerman,
VP Corporate Development, RoomReady

“Highly recommended not only for M&A integration but also management training.
Applying critical thinking to M&A case study scenarios was very beneficial.”
Rhonda Culbertson,
EVP Finance, Pavlov Media Inc.

“All speakers were quite engaging and provided valuable input.”
Tommaso Calleri,
Project Coordinator, Testbusters

“The materials provided as well as the case studies really exceeded all my expectations!”
Mari Eisenrich,
CEO, Weatherby Eisenrich

“The workshop is a very practical approach on how companies should plan for an integration. The class works even for those who do not have much experience in the M&A world, and even if you do, like myself, it allows you to re-think and re-calibrate your current approach to Pritchett’s best practices.”
Shirley Dia,
Project Manager, M&A, Master Groupe

“Very informative workshop that covers a great deal of material in a short timeframe.
I really appreciate the ability to access many additional resources on the website.”
Lindsey Durio,
Chief of Staff, Gulf Winds

“The workshop is well structured for all types of participants (newbies vs veterans). The case study exercises help internalize the subject matter being deliberated. Very experienced instructors connect the content to real life situations.”
Mandar Jamble,
Principal Program Manager, GE Healthcare

“We now have a robust repository of tools and playbooks to use without having to create them. This is particularly helpful for an organization like mine which is small and in an industry that will has some unique factors throughout the due diligence and integration process.”
Kelly Pace,
Director of Human Resources, Southwest Care Center

“Loved all the speakers and content.”
Connie Clark,
SVP, Human Resources, Ever.Ag

“The workshop was very helpful. I will be the one leading the IMO and this gives me confidence on how I can do it.”
Matt Wilson,
VP, Strategic Initiatives, SimVentions

“I loved this workshop and learned so much.”
Courtney Sebazco,
Operations Support Specialist, DuraServ

“Workshop was great. Loved the different presenters. Workshop was very interactive.”
Naipaul Sheosankar,
CFO (Canada), Bluum Technology