Confidential Information

Deal Team 

  • Industry reports or analysis prepared by third parties
  • General information regarding current products and services
  • Historical aggregated financial data, including aggregate revenues
  • Information regarding the organisation of systems and processes (e.g. "back office" systems and processes like billing, IT and accounting)
  • General information on health, safety and environmental matters
  • General information on corporate structure and the structure of management and personnel
  • Information that is in the public domain

Clean Team 

To the extent that such information is not Restricted Information:

  • General discussions relating to the post-transaction period such as marketing plans, future prices, or strategies
  • General or aggregated supply or demand estimates; forecast market share and/or sales information for the post-transaction period
  • Profit margins and cost information at an aggregated level
  • General aggregated information relating to contracts and contractual terms
  • General information relating to categories of employees and remuneration, including salaries or rewards information at an aggregated level
  • Other high level information having strategic relevance ...