Step 1: Establish M&A Integration Guiding Principles

Before a deal closes, the acquirer's senior management should establish a set of M&A integration principles that will help direct the actions of integration teams. Explicit guidance on integration fundamentals gives people a collective sense of purpose and priorities. If teams are left to figure things out on their own by inference or conjecture, they are more likely to delay decisions or make poor ones.

In this section of our website, our publications and videos cover the guiding principles that are the foundation of PRITCHETT’s world-class methodology. And our presentations provide examples of the M&A integration principles adopted by our clients.

While no one specific ground rule applies to every M&A integration, following a proven set of guiding principles can dramatically improve the odds for success.   

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Early success wins mergers and acquistions
Engineer Early Success in Your Merger
Quick-wins help soften resistance and build momentum.
Seven secrets of kinder merger
7 Secrets for a Kinder, Gentler Merger
Beware of integration do-gooders.
move with urgency
Move with Urgency to Re-recruit Your Keepers
Learn when key people most often jump ship in a merger and how to keep them on board.


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Power of opening moves
The Power of "Opening Moves"
How you begin the integration carries heavy influence over how you'll finish.


Guiding Principles Progress to Date
Guiding Principles - Progress to Date
Status report on how well M&A integration guiding principles are being followed.


Mergers in the fast lane
Mergers: Growth in the Fast Lane
A Field Manual for Management.