Guiding Principles: Preparation

  • Follow a balanced, robust “due diligence” process that examines financial, legal, operational, organizational, and cultural issues.
  • Use the deal drivers/targets as decision filters.
  • Start detailed integration planning during due diligence.
  • Be ready to roll on Day 1.
  • Translate M&A value drivers into metrics.

Guiding Principles: People

  • Hold senior management team responsible for the success of the deal.
  • Involve HR early in the process.
  • Communicate decisions about structure, layoffs, and initial integration as soon as possible.
  • Provide frequent, positive, and frank communication at all stages of the integration, and to all levels of employees.

Guiding Principles: Execution

  • Implement a formal integration methodology (processes, tools, and templates).
  • Emphasize strong program management and governance.
  • Place heavy emphasis on knowledge capture/sharing.
  • Establish IMO.
  • Document activities/lessons learned.
  • Use common nomenclature and processes.

Guiding Principles Example

  • Integration work must support delivery of synergy plan and align with business goals.
  • We must understand, protect and preserve the value drivers that makes this deal work.
  • We need to mitigate any disruptions to normal course of business.
  • We will assess, understand and collaborate where needed but Company A owns decision rights on all matters.
  • We will look for opportunities to "upgrade" in all aspects of the business (including people).
  • We will operate with a "bias for urgency" on all integration work.
  • We will ensure people, culture and communications are an integral part of our ongoing integration planning and execution.
  • We will view all integration projects as an opportunity to transform our business and lay the foundation for a strong future ...


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