Pre-merger integration planning should begin when the letter of intent is signed. 

Integration Planning

  • Activities between signing and close should be aimed at planning the first 100 days post-close for each work stream
  • Quickly identify post-signing work (beyond planning) that can start pre-close...

Pre-Merger M&A Integration Efforts

  • Identify comprehensive list of projects within each work-stream
  • Assess internal and external staffing requirements
  • Establish calendar by functional area and for entire transition effort
  • Identify what work will be done pre-close
  • Charter & kick off each work stream …

Pre-Merger Deliverables

  • Daily transition updates and issue escalation process
  • Charter
  • Identify sub-projects within each work stream
  • Identify issues and risks
  • Approach for engaging appropriate Tiger resources
  • 100-day post-close plan...

Integration Vision: Integrate the two companies in an aggressive time frame that enables Acquirer to quickly realize targeted revenue and cost synergies.

Integration Strategy: Under the direction of the Board, a steering committee, an IMO will be established to manage and implement multiple concurrent integration work streams focused on:

  • Achieving synergy targets through good execution and tight financial control
  • Consistent and candid communication
  • Prompt issue escalation and resolution
  • Continuing business operations without disruption
  • Reporting progress in a consistent manner at appropriate
  • levels of detail for all stakeholders




Slide titles:

Pre-merger Integration Roles & Responsibilities
Integration Roles & Responsibilities
Pre-Merger Planning Efforts and Deliverables
Pre-Close Planning Efforts and Deliverables
Integration Vision and Strategy
Integration Vision and Strategy