Presentation covers post-merger integration governance structure, responsibilities, meeting cadence and times.

Governance Meetings

  • IMO meetings: weekly on Tuesday mornings
  • SteerCo meetings: held on an as needed basis.

    • IMO Lead will faciltate the discussions
    • Workstram Leads will deliver the "Ask" (approvals, funding, resources, changes to scope)

Governance Responsibilities


  • Provide strategic direction and ongoing guidance of the integration scope of work
  • Discuss escalations, risks/issues, provide approvals and decisions, authorize changes to scope of work
  • Ensure that all communications and messaging are aligned with executive priorities
  • Encourage each team to identify gaps and takes steps to secure operational efficiencies

Workstream Leads:

  • Meet with extended teams (cross-functional and cross-organizational) to manage integration work; manage all resources necessary to complete the integration work
  • Create and maintain integration project plans, status reports, meeting notes
  • Provide IMO with updated status reports (electronic) and any supporting materials needed to provide a deeper understanding. Due Mondays by 12PM
  • Attend IMO meetings to review project status; intention to cover ONLY Yellow/Red items in work plan; discuss any new work or dependencies
  • Attend IMO and SteerCo meetings; provide materials necessary to define the Ask; secure decisions involving any changes to project scope, timelines, costs and budgets, risks & issues, dependencies, resource constraints ...

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