First 6 of 10 Guiding Principles

  1. The transaction will benefit customers and the community
  2. All stakeholders will contribute; Acquirer is accountable and responsible for all decisions
  3. Integration leadership is committed to providing:

    • Transparency and predictability
    • Clarity, direction, and decisions
    • Consistency across the program
  4. We will recognize the value of our team by supporting culture, communications, and change management activities and strive for:

    • Transparency, Fairness, Clear Expectations
    • Collaboration, Caring, Compassion
    • Integrity, Honesty, Keeps Promises, Accountable
    • Trustworthiness, Respect for Others
  5. Safety, reliability, and teamwork will be our key values for the integration and beyond
  6. We will operate with a bias for speed while integrating, but with no increase in safety violations or accidents ...

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