Step 3: Provide M&A Integration Training

In this step of PRITCHETT's methodology, integration team members learn a proven acquisition integration methodology so they can produce excellent results ... repeatedly.

Merger Integration Certification Workshop

An unprepared or overconfident acquirer can get lucky and succeed at one merger the same way a bad poker player will sometimes win a hand. It takes more than good fortune to successfully integrate target companies time after time. That kind of consistency requires a replicable, scalable methodology just like the proven one taught in the Merger Integration Certification Workshop.

While it is true every deal is different, the underlying processes (i.e. prioritization, scope change, culture change, risk management, communication, synergy program management and reporting) required for success are the same from one integration to the next.

PRITCHETT’s 5-day Merger Integration Certification Workshop focuses on these common processes and teaches an approach that has been used successfully on thousands of deals.

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Ten Reasons Why Our Merger Integration Training is Unique and Powerful

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Learn what you really know about merger management. Take our Merger IQ exam. The answers to the test are based on PRITCHETT's three decades of acquisition integration experience.

Webinar reveals guidelines that will improve your employability during a merger.