Step 4: Provide Post Merger Integration Training

Merger Integration Certification Workshop

In this step of PRITCHETT's post merger integration methodology, team members learn a proven process so they can produce excellent results ... repeatedly. An unprepared or overconfident acquirer can get lucky and succeed at one merger the same way a bad poker player will sometimes win a hand. It takes more than good fortune to successfully integrate target companies time-after-time. That kind of consistency requires a replicable, scalable methodology just like the proven one taught in the Merger Integration Certification Workshop.

While it is true every deal is different, the underlying processes (i.e. prioritization, scope change, culture change, risk management, communication, synergy program management and reporting) required for success are the same from one integration to the next.

A Joint IMO Kickoff Meeting (Step 3 of our methodology) provides deal-specific information to teams, whereas PRITCHETT’s Merger Integration Certification Workshop. (Step 4) covers the common post merger integration processes teams should follow and What Every Acquirer Should Know about M&A Integration. Our approach has been used successfully on thousands of deals.

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Ten Reasons Why Our Post Merger Integration Training is Unique and Powerful

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HR's role in M&A
Role of HR During Mergers and Acquisitions

Three things that are guaranteed to give HR a better seat at the table:

  • Preemptively prepare for M&A. Anticipate. Provide in-depth training for HR staff on the fundamentals of due diligence, merger integration strategy, how to reconcile culture differences, etc. Ensure that the HR Team is very sophisticated on merger dynamics and positioned to serve as a merger-savvy resource to people in other functions.
  • Rethink HR's conventional wisdom on how success should be measured. HR is the guardian of workforce issues such as morale, trust, job satisfaction, stress levels, and employee loyalty, but those metrics will take wicked turns for the worse during a merger. Success is better measured by tracking productivity, quality, market share, customer satisfaction, and– above all– profitability. This is highly counterintuitive for HR people, but these are the critical markers for the integration process...
What are the Steps in the Post-Merger integration Process?
What are the Steps in the Post-Merger Integration Process?

The 11 steps to follow when integrating two organizations:


  1. Define Integration Strategy and Guiding Principles
    Facilitate executive session with senior leaders to determine planning direction and clarify integration goals, assumptions, non-negotiables, success metrics, and vision.
  2. Determine M&A Integration Governance
    Define the hierarchy, structure, roles, and resources for the integration project.
  3. Conduct Integration Management Office (IMO) Meeting
    Plan and facilitate an IMO kickoff event to formally commence the integration process and officially onboard integration teams by reviewing pre-planning input, rules of engagement, objectives, and methodology.