M&A Integration Process

Execution Phase

High-level planning defines the future state.

Detailed planning defines the transition.

Execution is when the changes are made.

  • Requires clear accountability and project ownership by leaders in the newly defined organization.
  • Involves disciplined project management for each major project identified during detailed planning.
  • Overall progress managed for key milestones at the executive level.

Key Best Practices 

  1. Establish clear accountability and project ownership by leaders in the newly defined organization.
  2. Recheck for clear accountability for integration projects including objectives, scope, timeline, expected results, and resources
  3. Align executive ownership of integration projects with the emerging organization structure
  4. Align individual performance incentives/bonus programs with planned integration objectives
  5. Assign resources with strong project management skills to key areas
  6. Implement an overall program management process to monitor progress against the key milestones, raise and resolve issues, and address risks quickly and efficiently, and make cross-functional decisions rapidly in regular steering team or executive team reviews

The Integration Management Office (IMO) Best Practices

  1. Report on the health of key integration programs/projects
  2. Track synergies, milestones achieved, and other progress measures
  3. Report integration progress (Steering Committee: Monthly) (Core IMO Team: Weekly) (Board of Directors: Quarterly) 
  4. Identify, track, and seek resolution to issues and risks
  5. Ensure linkages and dependencies among projects are managed
  6. Provide other practical support to project leaders as needed, e.g.:
  • Drive coordinated communication of integration progress (through appropriate channels)
  • Provide project management and financial resources as required by the business:  a) Assess project management needs by work stream and revise assignments b) Facilitate work sessions and c) Support financial and timeline analyses



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