Integration Management Office Meeting Objectives

Align on business principles and integration priorities:

  • Review integration strategy and key objectives
  • Review governance structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Review and reinforce integration philosophy

Agree to way of working together:

  • Review rules of engagement to ensure pre-close compliance with anti-trust guidelines
  • Build an alignment around meeting cadence and reporting structure

Begin with integration workplan development:

  • Review key elements of the communication plan 
  • Align around the workstream objectives outlined in the draft team charters
  • Discuss and prioritize each workstream’s initiatives
  • Review next steps and timing for workplan development

Integration Guiding Principles

  • Enhance value for both companies
  • Maintain the value already created in each company
  • Make the best choice for the future business
  • Maintain market momentum
  • Make decisions based on best for the future business
  • Not best of both or trading off
  • Rigorously plan and manage the program
  • Adopt earlier, where possible
  • Respect stated values of each company
  • Keep and inspire the best people

Slide titles:

Post-Merger Integration Planning Meeting


Meeting Objectives


Key Facts

Value Drivers

NEWCO Financial Goals

Integration Guiding Principles

Rules of Engagement

Data Harvesting

Data Harvesting Process

Pre-Close Legal Rules of Engagement

Pre-Close Legal Rules of Engagement (cont.)

Integration Goals and Priorities

Integration Objectives

High Priority Initiatives

Day 1 Mandatory Example

Day 1 & First 30 Day Priority (Example)

Integration Risks

Typical Integration Risks

Types of Risks

Issues & Risks - Sales Workstream (Example)

Integration Phases and Timelines

Integration Phases

High-Level Timeline

Pre-Close Integration Timeline

Integration Timeline: Pre-Close To Day 1 to Day 65

Integration Planning Process Overview


Integration Governance

Roles and Responsibilities - Steering Committee

Roles and Responsibilities - Integration Management Office

Roles and Responsibilities - Functional Leads

Roles and Responsibilities - Workstream Resources

Meeting Cadence

Agenda of IMO Status Update Meetings

Integration Team Charters and Workplans

Integration Workplans


Communication Goals

High-Level Communication Plan

Communication Objectives

Communications Plan (Pre-Day 1)

Communications Plan (Day 1)

Communications Plan (Day 1 Onwards)

What Should We Tell Our People

Break Out Sessions

Break Out Session Approach

Instructions For Breakout Session - #1 Workstream Individual Breakout

Setup - #1 Workstream Individual Breakout

Instructions and Setup For Breakout Session - #2 Interdependency Breakout

IT - Breakout Work Session Output

Objectives and Instructions

Work Session Objectives & Instructions

Instructions For Breakout Session - #3 Workstream Individual Breakout

Integration Decisions


Day 1 & First 30 Day Work Session Template

Workstream Team Charter

Next Steps: Weekly Update

Integration Workplan Example

Workstream Sales

Workstream Manufacturing

Workstream HR

Workstream Finance

Workstream Communications

Workstream IT

Workstream Legal