Integration Management Office Meeting Objectives

Align on business principles and integration priorities:

  • Review integration strategy and key objectives
  • Review governance structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Review and reinforce integration philosophy

Agree to way of working together:

  • Review rules of engagement to ensure pre-close compliance with anti-trust guidelines
  • Build an alignment around meeting cadence and reporting structure

Begin with integration workplan development:

  • Review key elements of the communication plan 
  • Align around the workstream objectives outlined in the draft team charters
  • Discuss and prioritize each workstream’s initiatives
  • Review next steps and timing for workplan development

Background Key Facts

  • Geography: Expansion into Europe
  • Fiscal Year: Calendar year of Acquirer
  • Product: All products of both companies
  • Brands: Access to all brands
  • Technology: Access to all technologies
  • Corporate: Support across various areas of the business (i.e. finance, HR, IT, manufacturing, procurement, R&D, sales, marketing)

Background Value Drivers

  • Synergies: Estimated annual net synergy benefits of $250 million by 2030.
  • Footprint: Expansion across western Europe.
  • Technology: Improved and accelerated research and development.
  • Platform: Adjacent product growth.
  • Process: Improved processes via sharing of best practices

Integration Guiding Principles

  • Enhance value for both companies
  • Maintain the value already created in each company
  • Make the best choice for the future business
  • Maintain market momentum
  • Make decisions based on best for the future business
  • Not best of both or trading off
  • Rigorously plan and manage the program
  • Adopt earlier, where possible
  • Respect stated values of each company
  • Keep and inspire the best people

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