Step 4: Create M&A Integration Charters

The first deliverable created by an integration team is a charter.  It specifies the purpose, deliverables, success criteria, budget, and schedule for the team. It is a simple document designed to clearly outline the “who, what, and how” elements of an integration and gain commitments from resource owners in advance.

The document also defines the expectations about the roles of the Steering Committee, Integration Management Office (IMO), and additional integration teams. 

A clear charter reduces the possibility of scope creep, one the most common afflictions of integrations. Scope creep occurs when activities are added little by little to the project until original timelines, numbers, and objectives are no longer viable. The boundaries for integration work should be clearly defined in a integration team charter so the overlap of responsibilities is minimized and efficient coordination among functions is fostered.

In this section, we cover how to create this document. And we provide charters and a high level plan from M&A projects .

Plus, we include review exercises on charter creation specifically for the HR, sales, product development, and technology functions. We also provide customizable presentations for team kickoff meetings that explain the chartering and integration process. 

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How to Create an M&A Integration Team Charter, Plus Charter Example and Template

Instructions on how the Integration Team creates a Charter to document the mission, goals, scope, boundaries, and deliverables of the team. Plus a 2-page Charter example and 2-page Word template follow the instructions.

Human Resources and Organization Design Charter

Includes charter statement, team scope (compensation, benefits, performance management, staffing, training, policies, etc.), key questions, deliverables, and critical success factors.