M&A Integration Playbooks

What is an M&A integration playbook?

An M&A integration playbook is a how-to step-by-step operating manual for a post-merger integration. It clarifies what needs to be done, by whom, and by when. Effective playbooks bring consistency, predictability, and reliability to the integration process and shorten the learning curve for team members.

We offer 27 M&A integration playbooks from acquisitions ranging in value from $2 million to $20 billion. The samples of the free acquisition integration playbooks are from our client engagements. Client names and client-specific details have been removed.

PRITCHETT's Merger Integration Certification Workshop Attendees and Website Subscribers can download every playbook in their entirety. They can also access over 100 M&A integration presentations, 100 tools, 30 checklists, 100 articles, plus assessments, videos, webinars, research, and templates on MergerIntegration.com.

M&A Integration Playbook - $20 Billion Acquisition
M&A Integration Playbook - $20 Billion Acquisition

The free sample pdf is an excerpt from the playbook. The full unredacted playbook in Excel is available to
Merger Integration Certification Workshop attendees and MergerIntegration.com subscribers.

The 61-page M&A integration playbook specifies over 900 integration tasks for the following work streams:

Finance: Treasury | SAP Integration | Financial Close | Operational Reporting | Financial Reporting | Tax | Inventory Accounting | Acquisition Process | Investor Relations | Synergy Tracking | Organization Design

Information Technology: Infrastructure | IT Integration Program | Day 1 | HR | Legal | Corporate | Organizational Structure | Finance

Human Resources ...

Corporate: ...


Supplier Communications M&A Integration Playbook - $3 Billion Acquisition
Supplier Communications M&A Integration Playbook - $3 Billion Acquisition

Six pages of communication guidance for supplier-facing teams that includes key messages, talking points, sample supplier letter, and supplier FAQs with answers.

Supplier Key Messages

  • Our mission is to create a great place to work for our team members, great products and partnerships with our customers and suppliers across the markets we serve, and a great business that supports local economies.
  • Nothing changes in the near term.
  • We will act with purpose, focus and transparency to integrate our two companies working closely with our stakeholders every step of the way.
  • Our relationship with our suppliers is critical to our future success. Our focus on delivering the best products and services to our customers and maintaining strong supplier partnerships ...