M&A Integration Playbooks

The following playbooks are from many different types of acquisitions ranging in size from $10 million to $20 billion. Client names and client-specific details have been removed from the documents.


M&A Integration - $20 Billion Acquisition
M&A Integration - $8 Billion Acquisition  FREE SAMPLE
Merger Integration - $900 Million Acquisition  FREE SAMPLE
Acquisition Integration - $100 Million Acquisition
M&A Integration Playbook - $25 Million Acquisition
Merger Integration - $10 Million Acquisition
Sales and Marketing
Day 1 Human Resources M&A Integration Playbook
Day 1: Supplier Communications
Day 1 Employee Communications Kit  
Day 1: Customer Communications

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M&A Integration Playbook - $20 Billion Acquisition


Includes over 900 integration tasks for the following work streams:

  • Finance
  • Information technology
  • Legal
  • Corporate
  • Communications
  • Operations
  • Human Resources


M&A Integration Playbook - $8 Billion Acquisition

Includes the following nine sections:

M&A integration playbook

Each section of this playbook represents a phase of the integration. For each phase, the playbook includes the following:

  • Key activities in detail in sequence
  • Success factors/lessons learned
  • Links to tools
  • Links to PowerPoint presentations


Merger Integration Playbook - $900 Million Acquisition

Includes tasks and long detailed checklists on integration work streams:

  • Due Diligence
  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Finance
  • Communications
  • Business Development
  • Legal

Everything is tied together in easily customizable excel spreadsheets that auto-calculate total budget costs and synergies. Plus, the documents auto-display timing of all major activities on Gant charts


Acquisition Integration Playbook $100 Million Acquisition

Includes action items and checklists on:

  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Billing
  • Purchasing
  • Information Technology
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Call Center


M&A Integration Playbook - $25 Million Acquisition

7-page playbook covers HR, IT, Revenue Cycle, Asset Management, Treasury, and Supply Chain work streams plus links to additional files that include activity flowcharts for each workstream and 15 frequently used IMO tools.


M&A Integration Playbook - $10 Million Acquisition 

Covers almost 500 tasks for these integration work streams:

  • Legal
  • Proposals
  • Facilities
  • Procurement
  • Accounting
  • Treasury
  • Payroll
  • IT
  • HR
  • Communications


Sales and Marketing M&A Integration Playbook

Recommends 200 activities including:

  • Accessing target's selling process
  • Identifying overlap in product and service offerings
  • Integration proposal process
  • Developing transition plan
  • Determining changes to brands
  • Identifying new customer target opportunities
  • Developing plan to capture synergies
  • Harmonizing performance measures
  • Establishing customer retention program


Communications M&A Integration Playbook

Covers tasks to keep constituencies well-informed. An owner, due date, and priority are assigned to each task.


Day 1 Human Resources M&A Integration Playbook

Covers 36 HR workstreams and more than 200 actions. Plus, includes key risks and interdependencies.


Day 1 M&A Playbook: Supplier Communications

Includes answers to FAQs, sample letters to suppliers, and important talking points and messages.


M&A Playbook: Employee Communications Kit

Includes answers to employee FAQs, communication guidelines, plus important talking points and messages.


Day 1 M&A Playbook: Customer Communications

Includes answers to customer FAQs, sample letters to customers, and critical talking points and messages.