Expect These M&A Questions from Employees, Customers, Vendors, the Community, and the Media

M&A questions

The deal will create many questions in the minds of many people. By anticipating the most common questions in advance, you’ll be better prepared to deliver honest, credible answers. This communication planning tool provides a list of common questions that may be asked by:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Vendors/Suppliers
  • The Community
  • The Media


Mergers: Top Ten Employee Questions

We refer to the first ten questions on the list as “me issues”  because they are focused on the most common personal concerns of employees. Until these “me issues” are resolved, it is extremely difficult for employees to focus on anything else. Failure to resolve “me issues” quickly can have a serious negative impact on productivity and customer service.

  1. Will I still have a job?
  2. Will my compensation change?
  3. Will my benefits change? (consider all benefits, perks, and privileges)
  4. Who will I report to?
  5. Will I have to relocate?
  6. Will I still have the same teammates?
  7. Will my title or job responsibilities change?
  8. Will our culture change?
  9. Will our work processes change?
  10. Will there be a severance package if I lose my job? 

In addition to these ten “me issues,” employees are also likely to have the following questions.

  1. What will happen to our previous owner?
  2. Why was the company sold?
  3. Why weren’t we told about the deal before now?
  4. Will anyone lose their job because of the deal? Will all losses be on the acquired side?
  5. Will any locations close because of the deal?
  6. How are customers being notified about the deal?
  7. What do I say to customers who call with concerns as a result of the deal?
  8. How will the deal impact customers? What differences will they see?
  9. What will our company name be?
  10. How should we answer the phone? Starting when?
  11. Will the salespeople keep their existing territories and customer bases?
  12. How can I learn more about the other company and how they do business?
  13. When will we meet the staff of the other company?
  14. Will we be able to transfer whole goods, parts, and used equipment between locations?
  15. What will change and what will stay the same?
  16. How long will the integration take?
  17. Will the new owner train us on how he wants things done?
  18. What support will we receive from the new owner? From the acquiring staff?
  19. How does the way they do business differ from the way we do business?
  20. What are the new owner’s goals, values, expectations?
  21. Who should we contact if we have questions?
  22. What should I do if someone from the media calls to ask about the deal?
  23. Will we have career opportunities at other locations now?
  24. What policies and procedures will be changing?
  25. What are my options if I decide not to work for the new company?

Mergers: Common Customer Questions

  1. How will this change in ownership impact me?
  2. What do I stand to gain from the deal? What are the benefits to me?
  3. Will my warranties still be in effect?
  4. Will service quality/policies change?
  5. Will inventory levels remain the same?
  6. Will the quote you gave me still be honored?
  7. Will there be any staffing changes that might affect me?
  8. Who do I call if I have a problem or concern ...