Sixteen page Day 1 Employee Communications M&A Playbook that includes answers to seventy-five employee FAQs, plus communication guidelines, and important talking points and messages.

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Communication Guidance 3
Key Messages for Employee 4
Employee Talking Points 5
Employee FAQs 7
Integration Approach 10
Impact on Operations 11
Compensation, Benefits, and Incentives 13
Sales Professionals FAQ 15
Question Specific to New Employees 16

Short excerpt from the Communications Playbook (four of the answers to the first seventy-five FAQs)

Employee FAQs

Q1.      What does our acquisition of Target mean for employees?

The combination of Company and Target will create a stronger, more stable business with an effective strategy to weather industry headwinds and reduce operating costs. Furthermore, we expect the combination will improve opportunities for employee development as they will become part of a more competitive company with the financial strength to better manage market challenges and economic volatility.

Q2.      Will I have a job at the combined company?

As with any transaction like this, there will be overlaps in corporate functions that will result in job eliminations. We will be finalizing the corporate organization structure over the next 90 days, and will be communicating with employees throughout that process. All employees will be treated with fairness and respect.

Q3.      Are any of us going to lose our jobs?

To make this acquisition work, it will be necessary to manage the integration process with the discipline necessary to achieve important synergies and cost savings. There will be some changes. It will affect some jobs. How many and where will take a bit more time to work through, though we expect the biggest changes will be in corporate functions because that’s where most overlap traditionally exists when you combine two companies. We know that is not the answer you want to hear, but we want to be honest with you and treat you with the respect you deserve in trying to answer this question.

We can say this. We still have a lot of work ahead of us. We will commit to updating you as we reach further important integration milestones from this day forward.

Work hard to control the things you can control. Work safely. Manage costs. Meet customer expectations. As soon as any decisions are reached and finalized, we will communicate it first with affected employees and then with the communities where they are located.

Q4.      Will any offices be closed? Will people be laid off?

While there are no current plans to close offices, as always, we will take necessary steps to manage our business in the best interests of our customers and shareholders, and treat our employees with fairness and respect...