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Top 10 Ways to Protect Your Career in a Merger

Joe Aberger, EVP of PRITCHETT, LP, reveals guidelines that will help employees:

  1. Lower their anxiety level
  2. Improve their employability
  3. Protect their personal brands
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What's the #1 Cause of Merger Failure?

Who should be blamed when an acquisition wipes out hundreds of millions of dollars of market cap? The most frequently cited villain is “cultural incompatibility.” Joe Aberger, EVP of PRITCHETT, LP, explains that “while culture incompatibility is a plausible suspect for merger failures, it should automatically be the primary one.” Too often, it takes most of the blame while the real culprit gets off scot-free.

Hard proof gets a bum rap

Hard Proof M&A Gets a Bum Rap

Joe Aberger, EVP of PRITCHETT, LP, debunks the commonly held belief that M&A is a loser’s game. He exposes the many flaws in negatively skewed research and provides an accurate, objective view on the true performance of mergers.